Foreign Policy

Another heated debate in this country right now is foreign policy. Foreign relationships are obviously important to the U.S. The debate on the United States foreign policy is if the U.S. military should be used for nation building and humanitarian missions. There is controversy in foreign policy because some think we should only be concerned about what goes on in our own country. Others think we need to get involved in other countries and help them out economically and with other things they need. Also some parties think we should stop being a mediator to other countries. Al Gore thinks we should be involved in world affairs---“The world is looking for U.S. leadership”. George Bush thinks we should be involved in world affairs but “humbly empower other countries, not dictate”.

The arguments of the people who think we should be involved in other countries affairs are that if we don’t help them, those countries will fall apart and that would maybe create war, then we would have to spend more money on sending an army to fight. Also if we help countries right now, maybe some day we will be in need and those countries will come to our aid.

The arguments of the people who think we shouldn’t get involved with other countries are that we shouldn’t use the United States money to benefit other countries. Also most of the other countries are poor and we have nothing to gain by getting involved with their problems. We should just be concerned about what happens in our country.

My position on this debate is that we should definitely get involved in other country affairs. Eventually it will benefit us. I think that in the long run we will need things that we don’t have and will be dependent on other countries to help us out. Also we are the world’s most powerful nation and need to use our power to help other countries.