For many centuries people are trying to understand their origins. They want to know how did they appear in this universe and what for. As they can not determine it using scientific approach or explain it in every day words they started making up different stories, creating religions and cults which are aimed to explain at least to some extent these problems and find answers to these questions. In reality these stories do not explain you anything but instead give you an impression of the true knowledge. In theory religion talks about the good and is aimed to inspire you to do only good, but in practice religion usually turns out to be a poison. Usually the creation myths and the behavior of the gods simply reflect the time, politics and the general beliefs and fears of the century and people living in it. People use to endue their gods with the qualities that are natural for themselves and which they hate most of all. Religion was used from the beginning of the earliest civilizations as a tool to conquer, kill and destroy and it was usually used as a justification of those actions. People were not responsible for the killings, instead gods were. When people can not handle problems, which arise every day in front of them, they try to hide under the mask called god, but by doing that they do not solve them, they only ignore and try to escape their everyday problems, which makes everything worse. The desperate attempt to explain their own existence took people to the creation of many various myths, which also incorporated in them many different aspect of the culture and everyday life of their creators. This connection between people and the myths is actually illustrated on the three creation stories Genesis, Buddha and Zeus mythology.
One of the best examples to illustrate this is to take a look at the creation myths of the ancient Greece about the Olympic gods. This is my favorite creation story maybe because I like ancient Egypt and Greece. Olympic gods are very similar to the people; moreover they are people only with more power. Actually they are the best example to illustrate the nature of the people. They kill each other, they are jealous of each other, always fighting, cruel, greedy. Zeus killed his own father in order to get his place in the hierarchy of gods as the supreme one. The father of Zeus, Crone in his turn killed his own father too, so this becomes a family tradition. Practically all the worst sides of the human personality are depicted in this creation. This is how the Olympic myths and gods are different from the other creation stories; it is shown it advance that their gods are not perfect. Olympic myths do not show the process of the creation itself. It's author just told us that the gods were created from various forces of nature (connection of the nature with people) and other gods and people were created from them. The author is not concerned with very philosophical questions as what is the soul and what is the purpose of our lives, he just pictured a very straightforward hierarchy of gods exactly as humans had. He is interested in showing us the fighting not the thinking. People in this creation are shown as sheep's, gods play with them and kill them as they wish. It does not take a lot of time for a god like Zeus to decide to kill a human. Human life was worthless and coasted nothing at all. Maybe there is a connection with the way of how people treated each other at that time. These were very brutal time when people had slaves and could do anything with people who were in the lower social class than they were themselves. Besides of all of that Zeus metrology shows very interesting concepts of the separation of powers between all the gods. Each god is responsible for his own power physical or mental such as love, war, water, earth, and sky. The strength of the Olympic myths lies in the nature, people believed in nature, feared it because they could not control it or explain it or maybe because they depended so much on