Flowers for Algernon

Charlie notices many changes in his life from the time he was slow to when he was a genius. As he gets smarter, he views people differently who he thought was his friend. For example, he viewed Frank Reilley differently when he was slow. Charlie wanted to be smart like his friends. He stated, "I cannot wait to get smart like my friends".
Charlie thought Frank was his friend when he wasn’t that smart. But, as we all know, he was not. Frank just wanted to get a good laugh and so did the others. So, he made fun of Charlie, a mentally handicapped person. Frank would tell Charlie to mop the toilets so that everyone would laugh at Charlie. Frank and other friends would tell him to get other things for them. Then they would ditch him. They would also use the phrase, "You pulled a Charlie Gordon". To pull a Charlie Gordon, means doing something stupid, but Charlie did not know this. He thought his name being mentioned so often meant that everybody really liked him.
As Charlie got smarter, he started to realize who he thought were his friends were not. This one night he soon found out that this really was true. That night Charlie tells Frank that he does not want to drink, because he already drank before and he felt sick the next morning. Frank did not listen to Charlie. Instead, he spiked Charlie’s drink to make him look like a fool. Charlie did not know this and thought that the drink just let a funny taste in his mouth. He started tripping over people’s feet and Frank says, "I have not laughed so much after we ditched him at Muggsy’s". Charlie started to blush and Joe called out to one of the other girls that were there, "What did you do to Charlie? He never acted this way before". Charlie was embarrassed and he ran out and became extremely sick. Charlie says, "I guess Frank and Joe were not my real friends after all".
All along Charlie did not know that he was being taken advantage of until he became smart. He wanted to be just like his friends, Frank Reilley and Joe Carp. Charlie was not mad at them, because when he found out that they were making fun of him, he felt ashamed for himself. He was blaming everything on himself. In conclusion, Charlie’s friends should have stuck by him, even if it was easy to make fun of him due to his handicap. In the end, Frank Reilley was sticking up for Charlie but he should have done that a long time ago instead of making fun of him. Charlie should have not been ashamed of himself and blaming his self. Frank should have been blaming his self for not being a true friend to