Five hundred years ago when the pirates and the British fought to ruled the ocean and rivers.

It all started when Captain Ron from the Pirate Buckeneers rob and sunk some of the British boats. At the time Mango was in charge of the British navy army and his crew was in charge of stopping all the pirate ships near any main harbours and ports. Capt. Ron wanted to take over some of the harbour so his boats came get some ammunition. Therefore Capt. Ron decided to take over one main harbour. The harbour was called "Henri's Harbour", it was one of the armys realiable harbour. Most of the fuel, wood and other accessories came from Henri's Harbour. Near by there was and oil feild with was the biggest in the ocean. Mango wasn't too pleased about the pirates action so he decided to leave them alone until the pirates leave the harbour. A couple of weeks later the pirates leader Capt. Ron makes another move by taking over nine of the British best ships, including the one that the king travelled in. King Henri the fifth wasn't pleased at all he told Mango to take some serious actions on what the pirates did, so Mango made a little army of 30 boats with one hundred men on each to stop the pirates

Capt. Ron over heard the conversation, he prepared an army of he's own and attack by surpprised before they even go get ready to fire back. Mango was frustrated, he didn't know what to do. The king told him to set perimeters around every harbours.But Capt. Ron's army was getting bigger and bigger, though he was missing out on ships. Meanwhile Mango set all the parameter, and had build over nine ships, but he was missing out on experience men.

Capt. Ron sent a group of twelve ships to get other boats, but he ran into Mango's crew. The meeting between the two surprised groups started to fire at each other. Eventhough Mango had two less boats he won the battle, only losing three boats and picking up most of his men in the water would help to retake over Henri's Harbour. Now the harbour was almost empty because Capt. Ron ordered his men to burn everything that was't any use to them, they almost emptied to oil feild. Capt. Ron was ready for his big attack against the British.Mango was also ready and still building for his attack to finish the pirates.

Finally the big battle between the two crews, Capt. Ron and Mango were both there in war with everybody. Every ship in England was in this battle. It seemed that Capt. Ron was more accurate in sinking other ship and that Mango's men were better at taking over the pitare ships. Capt. Ron took advantage of the battle until one of his own boat was shotting at another of his boat, that mistake made was a lucky break for Mango because now he could attack without being shot back. With only too boats left Capt. Ron on on of them told both of his crew never to quit, even though Mango had seven boats left. Capt. Ron made a superb attack against Mango and was able to take out four other ship, now it was four against two. Capt. Ron played defensevitly and cost him a ship but able to take another two. Mango tried to take advantage but it seemed that Capt. Ron was to quick for Mangos moves, therefore he was able to take out one more of Mago's ships.

It felt like there was a different atmosphere that took place as there was only two ship left. Mango wouldn't stop complaining at his crew because fog started to rise and Capt. Ron wasn't happy because he was scared of being sort of ammunition. Mostly they were both scared of losing because they never did. This defeat would say who who would rule the ocean waters and rivers, this battle meant everything towards England and the King, mostly towards Capt. Ron. It was about nine o'clock at night by the time the first shot was fired, missed but scared Capt. Ron fired back. The pressure was so tense, some