Five Hundred were already destroyed and more were being killed each day. The police
had no leads and with the Christmas holidays around, many FBI agents were with family.
Besides it was going to be the year 2000. All I knew was that the deaths were related to
an unidentified toxic substance.
It was New-Year’s day when I received a call to investigate the case. I specialized
in toxic-related deaths, but I have never seen any like this. The deaths were everywhere,
so I decided to drive around the downtown area in my 2K69 Camero. For once, the
streets of downtown, New York were not jammed car to car. As I turned the corner, a
middle-aged women with blond hair was on her stomach, lying in the grass. I quickly
searched for any sign of a pulse, but the body was limp, and cold as stone. I called for an
ambulance, to inspect the body. Hoping that any remains of the toxic could be found.
When the ambulance showed up, I asked how long will the diagnose take?
“A few hours,” replied the young man in the medical suit.
I decided to check in at the office, thinking that maybe there was a lead. But
instead I was greeted with the fearful news that the death total has increased to nearly
double the amount of people. I was hungry and with a hour to spare I went to my favorite
deli restaurant.
“The usual, Frank?,” replied the young man who liked to be called Tim
“Sure, no rush,” I stated.
This toxic monster has made the headlines almost everyday. Picking up a paper, I
wasn’t shocked to see that my theory was right “1026 Dead from Mysterious Substance”
it read. After I finished my sandwich, I went to the morgue. The results were in and the
mysterious toxic substance was found on the body of the middle aged women. The
substance was covered in a white colored foam. It was flexible and a reddish color. I
carefully placed a small portion into my bag and left. I decided it would be best to drive
home and investigate.
The substance reminded me of a toy that no one has seen in 80 years, Plato. I
couldn’t make out what the foam on the outer layer was. My awful Chemistry skills from
high school didn’t help out the situation either. I never really celebrated New-Year’s Eve
so I allowed sleep to overcome me, with an fearful feeling that even more would be killed
on this night.
The next day I was right, “1500 Killed” the newspaper read. The police seemed to
be getting no where. I wasn’t sure, but I thought the best thing to do was go drive around
and look for more clues. It was on that day that I had my first lead. A young boy, about
10 or 11, was lying face down in the grass. He was still alive, but loosing life quick, like a
fish in need of water. I rushed him quickly to the Hospital. Where after 10 hours of
operations he was able to leave. He had no family, for he thinks they were killed by the
Play-Do type substance. I asked him how this happened, and after what seemed like five
minutes he responded. I could see terror in his eyes, as he spoke quickly.
“There was this gas...It was hard to breath”
“Did you see anyone?”
“There was this man, with a green jacket on. He stayed in the background, and
while people were running he just stayed in the corner of there.”
The boy pointed to a dark, back alley, the kind you only go in if you have fifty
friends. I reached for my gun and held the boy close to be. As we walked down the alley
I didn’t see any sign of the person in the green jacket. There were only a few homeless
people near the trash can. I asked them if they had seen anyone go through here in a
green jacket.
“About thirty minutes ago,” whispered an elderly old man.
We continued down the alley. I was almost running, trying to put this case behind
me. We reached the end of the alley only to see 8th street and its many building tucked in
its walls. As we walked down 8th street I found a green jacket on the ground. In it was a
note that read “Meet me at Slates Warehouse at 5” This was one of