The setting of the story is in a small village near Edmonton, Canada.
The time period is the 20th century(current). The story begins on the last day
of school. Most of the story takes place in and around a big and scary house.
The house is hundreds of years old. The residents of the house is Karen, the
main character, John, Karen’s older brother, and there mother and father.
Karen is 14, just passed grade 8 and John is 15, just passing grade 9. There
house is near a bay and in the bay there is an island called Chief
Yellowhead’s Island and supposedly the Indians have been burying there
chiefs there for hundreds of years.
John wants to go to Chief’s Island, Karen hesitates but they go
anyways. They leave at midnight for the island. They find the graveyard and
it starts to get very cold. They see an Indian but he just stares straight. The
Indian doesn’t make a sound or anything, they see a sac on the ground and
take it, then they leave. When they get home they noticed something, the air
was very cold but they couldn’t see the Indian’s breath.
Karen and John wondered what was in the sac so they opened it.
Inside they found: deerskin, two teeth, an ear, a bone, and a coin.
While Karen was asleep, she was awoken by a banging on the her
bedroom door. She was freaked out. After a while it stopped. The next day
she asked her mom and dad if they heard the bang, they said no, but John told
her that he heard it.
Karen and John go to John’s friend Noah’s house. He was kind of an
“expert” on “supernatural” stuff like that. He says when they opened the bag
it probably released a spirit. He said the ghost was probably a poltergeist.
He said if they gave back the sac the ghost might go away. They tried it but it
didn’t work but they did talk to the Indian. He was a ghost. His name was
Chief Copegog. But he was not the ghost at the house though.
The next day Noah and John Went to the library to find out the history
of the house. They found out that there was a murder in the house a few
centuries ago. A man who was murdered was the owner of the house. His
name was Bond. He was very evil. The person who killed him was Chief
Copegog. They think that Bond is the ghost haunting the house but they find
out that they were wrong.
The ghost is Kenny. Kenny is Karen’s twin brother. He died a few
years ago. He died in a car accident. They needed to get rid of him. They
asked Chief Copegog for some help on getting rid of Kenny. He said if they
brought Kenny to him he could help bring Kenny to “The Next World”. To
do that they needed to bring Kenny to Chief Yellowhead’s Island. So Karen
tricked Kenny into going to the island. The Chief did what he said he would
do. He helped Kenny.

My favorite character was Karen. She is my favorite character because
she is smart, nice, someone you can really relate to. The author makes her
someone you would like. She is emotional, Kind and good hearted.

I think the best technique the author used was suspense. An example
of this is when the ghost was banging on the door. Another good technique
the author used was describing. He described everything in great detail. He
described everything from the characters shirt, to there emotion, to there
action. An example is ever time the characters change there clothes the
author describes there clothes in full detail. An example: “I climbed out of
the waterbed and pulled on my jeans and a flannelshirt, my socks and Nikes.
Then I added a wool sweater.” Another example: “John was already dressed
-black turtleneck sweater, blackjeans, and waterproof black hiking boots- as
if it was Halloween and he was going out as a burglar”.

I would give this book a nine out of ten. It was a great book and once
you get into it you won’t want to put it down till you finish it. The way the
author writes the book gets you even more hooked. No matter what type of
books you like reading you’ll love this book. “I myself read this book five