First Step Work

1. Loss of Control: "Failed attempts to control my use
a. many many times I attempted to control my drinking over my drinking
career of some 20+ years. The ones which stick out in my mind are:
b. Many holidays Christmas in particular, my wife\'s family would serve alcohol
and I would be half in the bag by noon to 1 p.m..
c. My family get together always involved drinking too much. My wife would
Plead with me not to get drunk. Some times I wouldn\'t but most of the time I
Would have too much!
d. In 1997 I took my 14 year old daughter and a friend to a concert at Pine Knob. I had 4 to 5 drinks then drove them home. My daughter was very scared about my driving.
e. Many times due to my job and the amount of driving I do I would drink and
Drive. Most of the time I would say I will only have one or maybe two. After
3 to 4 hours of driving the pint would be gone. And so would I be gone. Boy
was I lucky!

2. Unpredictable Behavior:
a. My event which lead to my entering Maplegrove was two events where I drank when I knew I couldn\'t anymore. They were after a Customers show
In Port Huron which should of ended at 8 p.m. I tore down my booth and could have left. But nooo! In my packet of vendors information and order
Forms were two drink tickets. All 400+ customers were invited into the Grand Ball room for "Casino Nite" I went in with the intent of having only
Two drinks. Of course they had only the best liquors since the event was at the Edison Inn. I chose two Southern Comfort Manhattans. I ended up having about 5 and the last one I drank on my way home. I was suppose to
Pickup my daughter at my Former wife\'s home. I called on my cell phone and my former wife could tell I was drunk. Then my daughter got on the phone and ended up hanging up on me.
b. On SuperBowl Sunday I was planning on going to a non-alcoholic party
but had invited my brother, his wife and son over to see my new computer.
They showed up late about 2 p.m. They wanted to have drinks and I said I
Didn\'t have any. My brother went up to store and got a fifth. We finished it
Off before they left. I changed plans and went to my sisters house where they
Had a keg. Got good and drunk at the party
In general when I drank I had a 50/50 chance of having too much. My Ex was a non- drinker and hated my drinking.

2a. Destructive Behavior: In general I was not destructive when drunk. I did have a short temper with my ex but only once fought with her. I don\'t think I had been drinking when it happened.

Many times I put myself and a few times put my family in jeopardy by driving
After drinking. I do a lot of traveling for work. I always used to be either high or drink for long trips.

2b. Unpredictable Behavior while using:
a. there were many situations where I really did embarrassing things. Two more recent situations are: Wedding reception at my partner\'s house for his two step daughter\'s weddings. I stayed till the very end hanging out with neighbors
wife (who is an alcoholic) and made many passes on her. We came within inches
of having sex in my partners back yard. After all that I attempted to drive home
from Brighten area. Realized how drunk I was and slept along side of expressway.

b. At a Customers show in January 1998 I should have left after the selling ended but instead went into the bar with all the other salesmen and customers.
I ended up drinking so much in a 1 &1/2 hours that I felt I had to get home before I was to drunk. The show was in Flint. I didn\'t make it!! Got busted for drinking and driving in Clarkston

2c. Blackouts: Happened too many times to remember them all. My whole goal in drinking was to get buzzed or high. In most social events