Finance For Business

Venture Capitalists:

Venture Capitalists invest in companies that need capital to develop and market their products. In return for this investment, the venture capitalist/s negotiate an agreement (part ownership of the company and/or seats on the board of directors) they are looking for companies that will do well and appeal to them and the public. Investors should look at the venture capital firm’s track record.

Is AusIndustry a Government agency? How do you know?

Yes they are a government agency. It is the Australian Governments agency for Delivering products, services and Information that support Industry, research and innovation. It provides Different incentives for Australian businesses to foster investment and become more innovative and internationally competitive

What could AusIndustry Do For Your New Business?

This company has got a thing called ‘Small Business Incubator’ It is designed to assist new businesses become known to the community. The program helps Non-Profit organizations provide premisies, business advice and shared services to early growth companies. The Small business incubators help businesses to operate efficiently, fulfill their potential, create jobs, expand, and then graduate from the incubator into the community. They also work towards reducing the failure rate of early growth small businesses.

What are the steps involved in getting your business up and running? What are some of the costs involved associated with starting up?

You have to make up a business plan and show your invester or the bank your plan then they will give you the money needed to start up,Then you will have to register the business and its name, then you will need to get any licences approved for the business(liquor) after that you should have premises and already decided if you want to do this by yourself (soletrader) or with people(company, partnership) next you get to hire people. Eventually you will repay the money that you owe and start up and expand by yourself.