Final Essay

When looking at the different economic powers of the Minoan, Mycenaean, and Aztec empires it is easy to see that with all three the economy was highly thought of. The economy was basically used for trade both domestic and other societal uses. In the Mycenaean civilization episodic alliances among the citadels led to greater economic power. The civilization was located just to the northeast of Crete and to the south of Greece. With this excellent location because if materials had to be passed from Crete to Greece of vice versa they would have to go through the civilization. This was true until the Bronze Age in Europe when the city of Mycenae became know as a city with better weapons and a new class of warriors.
The Minoan civilization had a major economic advantage. It was located on the island of Crete. Within the Aegean Bronze Age we need to understand the there were two major centers of development and power in the Aegean and one of them was on Crete. The economy thrived because of the fact that the group dominated the sea power and they were in control of trade in the eastern Mediterranean. The economic system was somewhat based on the trade of products and raw materials. The kings of Knossos attained their greatest power about 1600 BC, when they controlled the entire Aegean area and traded extensively with Egypt.
The Aztec people had their act together as far as economy is concerned. The economy was successful because of the fact that they were involved in marketing. Aztec marketing had a network of marketplaces, various currencies and numerous participants. Most of the exchanges in the markets were done by bartering but there were others that accepted currencies. Cacao beans were the most common form of money that was used.
When looking for the symbolic religious systems of the three groups was difficult to find much information about them. What I do know is that the Aztec people had numerous Gods that would rule over everyday life. The Aztec system of rule had the power handed down the line of family members. When we look at the Minoan civilization as well as the Mycenaean civilization and the religious system that the leaders used to legitimate their powers we need to understand the power could have been handed down through the family like the Aztec or it could have been taken over in a hostile take over.