Final Essay
There is an old saying that says; “Little boys are made up of frogs, snails, and
puppy dog tails.” Well in the story The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn I don’t think
that this saying is true. In society I think that Tom would be accepted more than Huck
would be. Huck has no family up bringing or an education. He also doesn’t have any
manners what so ever. Tom on the other hand has an education and lives with his
Aunt Polly. Huck would probably be considered totally unacceptable to society’s
standards, mainly because he is friends with a “nigger”. Although in my opinion I think
that Huck is the better person, despite everything that he has done.
One of the reasons that Huck wouldn’t be accepted by society is because he is
uneducated in many ways. Huck has never really gone to school; yes he has been to
church, but he has never really understood religion and how prayer works. Huck,
thought that when you pray you are supposed to ask for something that you wanted
and then you would get it. So when he asks for fishing hooks in prayer one day, and
didn’t get them he just gave up on prayer (Twain20).
The other main reason that Huck wouldn’t be accepted by society, was because
he was friends with a black person. Back in the time where Tom and Huck’s
adventures took place, society was very racist and discriminating towards black people.
Huck could have turned Jim in to Miss Watson right from the start, but he didn’t.
Instead Huck became good friends with Jim. Helping Jim escape in chapter 40, was
another way that Huck made himself unacceptable to society.
Tom on the other hand, would be more apt to be accepted by society’s
standards. He is educated and likes to read adventure books. This is shown when the
boys in Tom’s gang asked him if he got his ideas by himself, and Tom answers; “Some
of it, but the rest was out of pirate books and robber books” (Twain17). Tom also lives
with his Aunt Polly, unlike Huck, who lives with a widow who is not related to him in any
way. Tom doesn’t have a drunk for a father either, like Huck does.
In my opinion, I think that Huck is the better person for many reasons. One
reason is that Huck has a conscience. I know that Huck has a conscience when he
says; “I tried to make out to myself that I warn’t to blame, because I didn’t run Jim off
from his rightful owner; but it warn’t no use, conscience up and says everytime, But you
knowed he was running for his freedom, and he couldn ‘a’ paddled ashore and told
somebody” (Twain91). Huck also doesn’t care what society thinks of him, he shows
this when he becomes friends with Jim and tries to rescue him. To me a person who is
considerate and doesn’t care what others think of them is a better person than
someone who follows society’s rules to make others happy.
In my mind Huck is a better person than Tom is, despite all that Huck has done.
Tom may have an education and be accepted by society, but Huck is the considerate
one. Huck also has no family upbringing like Tom does, and he also doesn’t have any
manners, so in society I think Tom would be accepted over Huck. There is an old
saying; “Little boys are made up of frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails”, but for the use in
the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, I don’t think that this saying would apply.