FB1003 Freshman Seminar (2016-2017)

Individual Assignment - Reflective Essay (35%)

What is the assignment about?
The Reflective Essay will allow students to review their own level of
personal competencies with respect to the five generic learning outcomes of
the BBA programme; and to identify and priortise areas for improvements
where appropriate. It accounts for 35% of the overall grade of the

What does the assignment intend to achieve?
Reflective writing intends to provide Freshman students a valuable
opportunity to reflect critically their own learning journey in business
education since they are admitted to the BBA programme, with emphasis on
promoting their self-awareness and personal development through evidence-
based evaluation and planning.

What are the deliverables of the assignment?

1. This assignment requires the students to submit a write-up of not less
than 1,200 words but no more than 1,500 words (excluding appendixes
and references). Please put down the word count at the end.

2. The write up should be well organized and explicitly related to the
generic BBA learning outcomes. Students should refer to the Library's
Online Information Literacy Programme and be acquainted with the
common formats of citation, such as APA and MLA.

3. Evidence should be included and it can be a collection of the survey
scores and personal experiences, for examples, scores or percentiles
of LASSI/DIT2/CQS, snapshots showing participation in extra-curricular
activities, recognitions in business case competitions and
certificates of appreciation in various service projects, to name but
a few.

4. Students are encouraged to exercise their creativity in the selecting
and presenting their evidence, not mimicking others' way of

It is IMPORTANT that the essay should be written in formal English that
includes the following information:

- Name, Student ID and Seminar Group # (on the upper right-hand corner of
the front page)
- Appendixes, including citation and references in the appropriate format
(at the end of your essay)

When is the assignment due?
Students are required to complete the submission of their assignments
(softcopy) via Blackboard on or before 30 Oct 2016, 23:59. Moreover,
students are required to submit a hard-copy of their assignment, to which
the final version of the Turnitin Summary Page showing the Similarity Index
of their work is attached, within the class time of the Seminar (Week 8).
Submission after the official deadline as stated would be regarded as late
submission which will not be marked and a fail Grade F would be given.

How to assess?
Three criteria will be used for assessment:
1. Coverage of the generic learning outcomes and their evidence of
support** (40%)
2. Thoroughness and innovativeness of development plan (30%)
3. Creativity of the essay submission (20%)
4. Readability of the essay submission (10%)

Any cases of plagiarism, including but not limited to copying from the
world wide web or printed articles without acknowledgement and/ or
cooperating with your peers within or outside the university community,
will immediately lead to an 'F' for this assignment and subject to
disciplinary actions.

**As noted in your Programme Guide, the generic learning outcomes of the
BBA Programme are:
1. Communicate effectively in English, Putonghua and written Chinese, at
a level appropriate for business purposes and general conversation;
2. Demonstrate a global outlook and understand cultural diversity,
globalization and their implications for business;
3. Apply creative thinking in the business setting;
4. Identify and respond appropriately to ethical issues as they arise
generally and in the business setting.
5. Adopt an entrepreneurial perspective, identifying and evaluating
business opportunities as they arise.

Rubrics of assessing Reflective Essay

| |Coverage of the 5 BBA Generic |Thoroughness and |Creativity of the |Readability of the Essay |
| |Learning Outcomes (GLOs) |Innovation of Development|Essay Submission |Submission |
| |(40%) |Plan |(20%) |(10%) |
| | |(30%) | | |
|A+ / A|Identify and evaluate all 5 BBA |For the great majority of|Exceptional elements |The language in the |
| |GLOs through comprehensive and |generic learning outcome,|of creativity are |submission is highly |
| |thorough assessments in the |a priority for |demonstrated. |accurate and appropriate |
| |context of your personal |improvement and | |in a good structure |
| |development. |innovative activities to |Most of the ideas, |(introduction, |
| | |be undertaken are shown |supporting evidence or|sub-headings and |
| |Provide a good variety of highly|in the plan, reinforced |chosen examples are |conclusions), so that it |
| |relevant evidence, data or |by appropriate learning |novel and inspiring. |is very easy for the |
| |examples to