Fate of gods
People have said that all Gods believed in fate, but in my
opinion I feel that the fate the Gods believed in was the path that
they made.The Greeks believed that the Gods made all things
happen for a certain reason . They believed that they could control
love, birth, death and even the common feelings of sadness and
happiness. Venus would change fate through her son Cupid. He
made fare with his arrows, once the arrow was to touch your heart
you would fall in love with who Cupid wanted you to .
Cupid believed that he could control love , and in many
cases he did control it. With one pierce of the arrow that Cupid
would shoot off you would marvel over any person he wished the
person to. I recall the story of how Venus told Cupid to make Pluto
fall in love with Persephone. Cupid pulled back the bow and sent a
arrow right into the heart of Pluto. He then saw Persephone and
fell madly in love only to steal her away from the world she knew
and have her as his wife in the underworld. With one movement
Cupid changed the fate of Persephone . From that moment on she
had to spend half of her life in the world below.
Venus was probably the one that loved to play with fate the
most, mainly with love. Many people fell in love because of her
doing . She did not always have Cupid shoot his arrow to make
people fall in love, once she used a golden apple. Atlantas was a
very good runner and her father knew it. I don't think he wanted
her to marry because to win the hand of his daughter you had to
out run her, this was almost an impossible task. One day a boy
named Hippomenes choose to chance his luck and run for the
beautiful Atlantas. During the race Venus rolled a number of
delicios looking apples onto the track to slow Atlantas down ,then
she placed one a little ways of the track. When the Atlanta's greed
made her leave the track to get the apple and she was passsed by
Hippomenes and lost. She then married him as her father had
Venus also helps fate to get what she wanted. When a beauty
contest came up with her , Hera and Athene she used the power of
love and beauty to win. She promised Paris ,the mortal chosen to
judge , that if he picked her he would win the love of Helen of
Troy. Paris could not resist this because of Helen's beauty and
Venus was handed the prize . This was fate because Helen was
already married and she lived in Troy far away. Paris did not care
he wanted the love of her so he traveled over to Troy only when he
arrived he was not welcome by King Menelaus, Helen's husband
and fights began they are known as the Trojan Wars.
The Gods might have believed in fate, but if they did believe
in fate it was the fate that they brought upon people. Venus was
one goddess that would make her own fate. She sometimes used
her son Cupid ,to shoot his arrows at the hearts of those that she
wished to fall in live. She did not always change the fate of love
though. She also was probably the person that provoked the Trojan
Wars. So to the Gods fate was what they wished upon people.