Farewell To Manzanar


Communication Arts 4

April 20th

The book Farewell to Manzanar was written by Jeannie W. and James

D. Houston. The story takes place in Manzanar. There are many things to say

about the characters, but this is about Jeannie and how she was friendly,

helpful, and observant. As you read on you will find out more about how she

was those way\'s.

In the story Jeannie is very friendly you can see this by the ways she

talks to others. You can see her friendliness in the way she talked to the

young women in Manzanar. Another way, was how she talked to the church

women." soon I was over there...it\'s no mystery that I should have been

drawn to these..."( Houston 43). There are many other ways that show how

Jeannie\'s friendliness, but that was just a few examples.

Reading through the story you can also see how Jeannie is helpful.

She was involved in helping in activities like Girl Scouts. Jeannie helped her


mother and family when they first get to Manzanar and they have to clean up

their living space covered with dust and dirt. Jeannie also helped her mother

with her back, "Come over here, Momo my back a little bit," ( Houston 163).

She helped her mom move from place to place. These examples are the

many ways that show how helpful she was.

Jeannie was also very observant. An example of this is how she looked

at her mom. "Inside my own helplessness I cowered..."( Houston 69) Jeannie

knew her mother loved her father, but she put with too much. Another way is

how the lady showed her the ballet shoes. "...She sat down to rest. She took

off her shoes. Her toes were showing blood. I noticed then the lines on her

face, the traces of gray in her her black hair." ( Houston 113). There are

many ways to shoes how observant Jeannie is, and these are just a few ways

to show you.

She was so friendly, helpful, and observant unlike some of the other

Japanese prisoners during the war time. She was my favorite character in the

book because she had a good attitude about life. She was the most

interesting person in the whole book.