Family talk show

Radio talk shows have been an important component of American peopleís lives. These shows have been around since the early 1920ís, at the very beginning of radio broadcasting. At that time, any show that did not contain music, or some sort of dramatic element, was considered a talk show. However, todayís standards are different. The talk show programs of today invite guests that are experts about the particular topics discussed. These expert guests give advice to the audience during the telephone calls they receive during the shows. Talk shows have become an important source of information and advice for some people. For example, there are talk shows that deal with family issues like divorce. They analyze this problem in terms of family relationships: Between the parents as a couple, siblings and the parents with the teenagers.

Dr. Laura is an example of a talk show that gives advice to couples on how to deal with their relationships. Many times these relationships end in divorce. The host, Laura Schlessinger, has been severely criticized because her point of view is strictly attached to moral values. In many cases, her advice to the couple is to try to continue together despite their problems, for the benefit for the family. However, there are cases in which staying together would be more harmful. If the difficulties cannot be solved, her suggestion is to separate trying not to affect their children.

Childhood Matters, hosted by RN Ronna Renner, is a radio forum that seeks to increase knowledge and support for all parents who are passing through divorce, and care about the relationships between siblings. Raising children in a single-parentís house is not an easy commitment. As an example of Ms. Rennerís perspective about divorce, she states that the separation of the parents can have devastating effects on the childrenís emotional health and their relationships between brothers and sisters. It is common that a rivalry arouses to keep the attention of the parents. This and other problems can prevail during childhood to adolescence.

Family Talk is a show hosted by Michael Riera, Ph.D., considered one of the country\'s foremost authorities on parenting teenagers. The focus of the show is to provide advice to the parents dealing with teens. For many adolescents, the divorce of their parents marks a turning point in their lives. Some of them feel guilty for their parentís break. That is why the parents should communicate with this young adults to let them know the cause of the divorce. The cornerstone of Dr. Riera philosophy has been turning parents into their teens\' consultants rather than managers.

Radio talk shows can be helpful to some by providing a different perspective about problems such as divorce. People might listen to someone having the same problem as them, and therefore find a solution. On the other hand, people can find a forum where to expose their problems. As a couple going through a divorce, talk shows may be useful to deal with the various problems in the best way possible. For parents going through a divorce, talk shows can provide information on how to minimize the suffering that their children are going through, whether as a young child or as a teenager. A parent can obtain information to know the causes of behavioral problems and how to deal with them.