Fahrenheit 451/ the Giver
Compare and Contrast Essay

Jonas and Montag, two different people in two different stories who step up and face the majority of their society to change it for the better. In The Giver, Jonas's society there is no war crime or hunger. Every person has a job but they are assigned to them by the government. Then there's Fahrenheit 451, Montag's society. All firemen have the job of hunting down books and burning them down and even houses in some cases. Both societies are abnormal in their own ways. Changing the way something works in a society isn't an easy job but these two do their best to change it for the better.

Montag and Jonas were a part of the society just like everyone else. They followed all the rules, and did everything they were told to do by people who supposedly "ruled the society" they thought since everyone was doing it, they should do it too because if everyone's doing it, it should be right. Montag met a 17 year old girl named Clarisse who changed the way he thought about things. She was one of the very few people who were called "crazy" for being different. She asked him if he was happy and he said yes, but later on as he thought about it more he realized he isn't really as happy as he thought. Jonas changed his way of thinking when he was assigned his job, The Receiver. The old man who was The Giver showed him how life used to be, with colour, dancing, and happiness. Ever since that moment Jonas couldn't stop wondering why the government would take that away all of that happiness from people. Their idea of a perfect society was no one having feelings so or doing anything that makes you develop feelings so that no one gets hurt. Montag and Jonas believe that they need to share their thoughts with everyone so that they can change everything back to the way it was, but actions always come with consequences.

Montag and Jonas did what no one else was ever able to do and that was attempting to change the society by going against the rules and showing everybody what was right. At first Montag didn't know what to do. His wife was completely against him doing this because she strongly believed the rules and the only other person who knew about what Montag thought about the books was Captain Beatty. Later Montag ended up killing Beatty and planned something with Faber. The plan was to put forbidden books in the firemen's houses and get their house burned down so that they would realize what they were doing was wrong and dint work as planned in the end and a mechanical hound was set out to find Montag. He and Faber followed the river and found some more people who believed in the same thing as them. The next morning the city was bombed .Jonas tried showing one of his good friends named Fiona that you don't have to follow those rules and all of the fun things you can do if you decide to do what you want. She enjoyed doing those things with Jonas but in the end when he wanted to leave the city with his baby and start a new life she didn't go with him. He promised to come back for her later. He ran away from the cops and made it past the edge where they stopped chasing him.

There are many things that can be compared in these two stories. Both stories have the same theme, but are expressed in different ways. I compared Jonas and Montag and what they did to try and change their societies. The lesson that should be learned from these stories is you don't have to follow everything you're told to do, think for yourself and do what you think is right.