Experiences of God

Everybody experiences God. God is present in our life everyday, in some way or
another. We have talked about this before in religion class, and everybody had a pretty much different explanation of where or how they experience God. Some people said in nature, others said at parties when they are with their friends. Nobody, when called on, said that they have never experienced God; everybody had had a place where they had experienced God. The place that I said that I experienced God was in nature. But, after thinking about it for a while, I think that there are a couple of other places where I experience God as well. Some of these places include with my friends, because I just always feel like Iím in a good mood when Iím hanging around with them. Anyway, that is the basis for my paper, so Iím going to talk about those places and why I feel that I experience God there.

The place that I feel that I experience God the most has to be nature. My grandpa has a farm with like forty acres of forest (woods). Anyway, Iíve been going down there ever since I was like six or seven. When I was big enough, my dad bought a dirt bike for me and my brother. After that, we owned the woods. We would go down there every Friday after school, and we would hit the woods as soon as we got down there to make some new trails to ride on. During the summer, there is nothing I like better than to sit back in the woods, with the sun shining through the trees, a nice cool breeze blowing, and think about stuff. You always see those Christian pictures of some proverb and then they have some nature scene in the background. I always think about that stuff when Iím in the woods. God is nature, and he is there. In a way, that also makes me feel better to. There are for sure wild dogs down there, and Iíve had a couple of run ins with them. When you are past yelling distance, and you start to think of all of the stuff that could happen to you, I for one need somebody to put some confidence in to protect me. Another thing that I have learned about nature, besides it looking good, it also sounds good. Riding a dirt bike, you canít really pay attention to any of the birds or anything over the roar of the engine. When I started to ride pedal bikes instead, the one thing that I would love was to go to our trails on Colerain Ave. and while we were building or something, listen to the birds, wind, just all of the stuff that wasnít apparent to me. Also, when you view God as nature, it also helps you to remember not to trash the place. There are a couple of kids that come back with mass food, and when they are done they just throw the paper or plastic where ever they want. I canít stand seeing woods all trashed, so me and my friends usually pick all of the crap up.

That brings me to the second place that I experience God, when Iím with my friends. I donít know why, but whenever Iím around them, I feel good. I could have had the worst day ever, and just hanging around with them for a while makes me feel good again. I think this is experiencing God because God is there to comfort and console people. Thatís what my friends do a lot of times. Besides that they like all of the things that I like and they donít have to try to impress me nor me for them. We are the same. Just like God, they are also there to look out for me. If I get in trouble, they will be there to help me. I would be there for them to.

When my dad or somebody talks about God, I think that it will probably something dumb and boring, mainly because Iím not as devout of a Christian as I should be. Anyway, one thing that Iíve been doing, is when I here God,