Exodus Chapter 12:1-17

I. Godís Instructions for the Isralites v. 1-13
A. Speech Report (God speaks to Moses and Aaron in Egypt) v.1
1.This month shall be the beginning for you. v. 2
B. Gods Instructions v. 3-11
1. Tell my people v. 3a
2. Tenth of this month take a lamb for each household v. 3b
3. Small households must share a lamb v. 4a
4. Divide lamb up proportianitly v. 4b
a. The Lamb v. 5
-Without blemish v.5a
-A Year old male v.5a
-You may take it from the sheep or the goats. v.5b
5. Keep it until the fourthteenth day v. 6a
6. Then slaughter it at twilight v.6b
7. Take the blood and smear it on the posts and lintel of your door v. 7.
8. Eat the lamb that night v.8a
9. Specific roasting instructions for the lamb. v. 8b
a. Eating/Clothing Instructions v. 9-11a
- Donít eat it if it wasnít roasted. v. 9a
- Roast the innards along with the lamb. v.9b
- Eat it all or else burn the rest in the morning (Disposal Method)
v. 10
- Clothing Instructions v. 11a
-Loins girded v. 11a
-Sandals on your feet v. 11a
10. Announcement of the Passover of the Lord v.11b
C. Description of Passover yet to come v. 12-13
a. Godís Plan
1. At night God will pass through Egypt v. 12a
2. I will strike down every firstborn (man and animal) v. 12a
3. God will execute judgements on all gods of Egypt v. 12b
b. Saving of Israelís Firstborn
1. The blood of the lamb will be a sign for your homes v. 13a
2. Where God sees blood he will pass over and save you from the plaque
v. 13b
II. Lordís Instructions for the Festival v. 14-17
A. Instructions of the Festival and Celebration v. 14
1. Seven days of Unleavened Bread Eating v.15a
2. Shall remove leaven from houses v. 15a
3. Anyone who eats leavened bread will be banned v. 15b
4. First Day and Seventh Day=Solemn Assemblies v. 16a
5. No work shall be done on these days v. 16b
6. You shall observe this festival v. 17a
7. For this is the day I brought you out of Egypt. v. 17b