Exam 2

2) From EITHER "In a Station of the Metro" OR "Wind and Silver"--How and why are the images in the poem combined?

In the poem “Wind and Silver”, the author sees “dragon scales” in the fish ponds, because of water rippled by the wind. The image let us imagine the fish ponds as creatures shaking their backs in the moonlight.

3) From EITHER "The Heart" OR "My Papa\'s Waltz"--Explain how the use of imagery and/or symbol and/or metaphor creates mood in the poem and enhances the poem\'s overall theme.

The poem “ My Papa’s Waltz” reflects a father and son’s relationship. The word “waltz” in this poem is a metaphor of the act of mistreatment. Several of the words and phrases in the poem confirm this. For example, battering words such as “battered”, “scraped”, “beat”, and phrases including “But I hung on like death”, and “My right ear scraped a buckle”, exemplify this connotation. In addition, the phrase, “The hand that held my wrist,” in the third stanza, is another example.

Imagery is demonstrated through the use of descriptive words throughout the entire poem. Adjectives including dizzy, caked hard, and verbs such as waltzing, hung on, romped, pans sliding, scraped, beat, clinging, along with nouns like whisky, death, and dirt together create a detailed image of the poem. One can clearly imagine a large dirty drunk man stumbling into the house, and abusing his tiny helpless child. He is most likely pushing and hitting the little boy against the kitchen walls, causing pots and utensils to fall to the floor. Many times the father misses the boy but occasionally is successful.

5) From "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"--Explain the development, by stanza, of the poem. What are the central symbols or metaphors in the poem? (How, in other words, does the the poem use poetic conventions to progress towards a meaning? What, in your opinion, is that meaning?)