Evolutionary Psychology—Fact or Chauvinism
Every man’s dream, at one time or another, has been to be the all powerful sex god, with harems of submissive women. So why not invent a psychology to express that? Actually, I feel that evolutionary psychology is based on some kernels of truth; however,
it fits in better when approached from the overall biological view of natural evolution combined with wisdom from the sociological perspective.
From the biological point of view, one can hardly believe that we are anything other than animals. So why should our drives and ambitions vary from the other creatures? As professor King so aptly put it, our main function appears to be to maintain the metabolism in the cell packet and ensure the continuation of its kind. Even though this may be biologically true, I seriously doubt if many of us approach each other with this as the foremost thought in our conscious minds.
I have also often heard, that we form our beliefs in such a manner as to justify our behavior. My question is, is male sexual domination a result of psychological adaptation to our biological needs, or is it merely a sociological /cultural tradition that we have inherited from the past? Also, is evolutionary psychology a result of fact,or is it a moral justification of our behavior?
The Bonbos seem to be an interesting natural phenomena where the sexual factor is not a tool for domination, but rather is a social tool that adds to the continuity of their community. The concept of using sexual gratification to soothe relations sure beats the human concept of sexual domination for the sake of prestige and power. Maybe the difference between the two of us is the awareness of self. With the awareness of self comes the desire for the continuation of it and the fear of losing it. It is a small wonder the we have developed such cut-throat cultures since most of our behavior is in some form or another geared towards the advancement of the self.
However, from the generalized overview, it is becoming apparent that as our population approaches a critical point of overcrowding self oriented behavior must give way to something a bit more altruistic. Even at that we will still be basically oriented towards ourselves. In giving Dr. King the benefit of the doubt, perhaps the best way to define Evolutionary Psychology is in the literal sense, that is saying it is the Psychology of Change (as evolution is interpreted as a forward change.)
As a way of putting this all together, human sexual behavior has been successful to this point; however, the need for change is undeniable since it is generally accepted that population density and aggression are positively correlated. This fact is compounded by the sociological upheaval that has been occurring here during the last thirty years. Since it seems that social disruption and aggression also have a positive correlation, then perhaps the Apocalypse may become a reality. I propose that we take a lesson from the bonbos and apply it to the next U.N. general assembly. The suggestion is that during the assembly that the doors are to be locked with the occupants inside(for about a week.)with a liberal supply of aphrodisiac and liquor and let nature take its course. I’m sure that the bonbos would applaud.

Mike Julien
Sociology 2213
Prof. Terry Dean
A New Zealander’s Point Of View
Sub: George Laver
Orig. Res.: Otaki, New Zealand
Mr. Laver states that in order to correctly appreciate the current state of culture in the island country of New Zealand , one must first realize it as a synthesis of at least two primarily distinct cultures. It is also important to keep in mind that the New Zealanders (Kiwis’) are influenced by Australia in much the same way that Canada is influenced by us. He reasons that the two main cultures consist of the Moari natives and English convicts. Interestingly, Mr. Laver feels that the Moari people have civilized the heathen English population. It seems that the Moari’s influence behavior through socially ostracizing the offensive party by secretly placing highly visible figurines ( defiantly carved Tikis’) in their yards. The effect is that the castigated person becomes socially dead. Eventually, after much suffering, the guilty either leave