Evidence For Evolution

Since Darwin’s
death in 1882, there have been many new
evidences that support the theory of Evolution.
The different types are the studies of fossils, the
comparisons of organism structures and the vast
knowledge of DNA. FOSSILS ARE ANY
concept that is discussed is the concept of fossils.
Examples of fossils are footprints of early humans,
insects trapped in tree sap, tracks of dinosaurs
and animals buried in tar. My thoughts are that
fossils are real, because scientists have found
many fossils all over the World and to me it
sounds logical that if an animal gets stuck in sticky
tree sap that it would harden and last for hundreds
maybe even thousands of years. HOW FOSSILS
ARE DATED Another concept that is discussed is
how the fossils are dated. One type of how to
determine the age of fossils is “Radioactive
dating.” This technique is how scientists use the
amount of radioactive elements remaining in a rock
or fossil and determine it’s age.
SPECIES TO OLD The last concept discussed is
that the evolution of the modern horse began 60
million years ago. It discusses how over time the
length and size of the horses limbs increased. The
flaw in this theory is that they don’t state their