Everyone wants good things to happen, but a lot of people donít want to work for them. These people think that if they sit around playing their Playstation all day, eventually what they want will come to them. Well wake up people, Ďcause it doesnít work that way. If you want something done, you have to go out and get it done yourself. Nothing good ever comes out of waiting around all day. You have to be willing to work hard, and even make sacrifices to get the good things in life. After all, you canít have a rose without a thorn pricking your finger.
If thereís someone youíve been wanting to ask out, go do it. This is probably one of the most common cases of procrastination, and understandably so. Even if youíre too scared to ask the person out, at least do something to get your point across that youíre interested. Whether itís making a tape of love songs or writing a poem (no, copying one out of a book doesnít count), just let them know you care.
ďIíll do it tomorrow.Ē This is one of the most frequently used phrases in the world, and when you think about it, itís really sad. People have labeled our generation as the laziest and most laid-back of all time, and even if you donít want to believe it, itís true. Most of the time when you put something off, you donít even have anything better to do. If you were at work and your boss gave you an assignment, if you said ďIíll do it tomorrowĒ youíd be in for trouble. In some cases, you might have an acceptable excuse for your procrastination, but if you said something along the lines of ďI have to reorganize this bowl of jelly beans by color,Ē youíd be among the thousands of unemployed people in no time.
If you want to be successful, be willing to work hard and donít let anything set you back or discourage you. Just because you get turned down from a couple of jobs or are told that you arenít good enough, that shouldnít make you any less determined. Take Michael Jordan, for example. He didnít make the basketball team his sophomore year in high school, but he never gave up, and look at him today. He retired from the game of basketball after one of the most productive college careers the University of North Carolina has ever seen and has almost 15 years of NBA experience. Heís set several records, and unless youíre deaf, blind, and been living underground all alone with no contact with the outside world for the past decade and half, you know that he is undoubtedly the greatest player alive. Heís only 36 years old, and he was paid $88 million + last year from basketball alone. He also had money coming in from Nike, Ball Park hot dogs, and many other endorsement deals. He didnít let one setback discourage him, and neither should you.
About 95% of successful people had to work hard to get where they are, and even thought there is that five percent who didnít, donít think you can just fall into that category with no problem. Those people got very lucky, and thereís only a one in a million chance that it will happen to you too. So donít sit around and wait for everything to just happen automatically. Whether itís something as small as buying something for yourself or a life-changing decision, get up out of your chair and make it happen.