Everyday I come to school and go to a number of different classes that I
have chosen to help me achieve my career goal. The one class that might not
help me the most with my career is the one that I think will help me the most in
life and dealing with other people and their differences. This class is the one
that I have for our schools drill team. Every morning we go at six, and dance
until first period is over. This takes a lot of dedication, because there are many
days that I would rather sleep in and go to school at the same time as all of the
other kids. I love it though. Itís worth all of the early mornings and all of the
vacation days we have to give up so I could practice a routine or learn a dance.
Just imagine the way you would feel if you spent months learning a dance and
you finally get the chance to perform it. After you finish your last leap of the
routine the crowd jumps to their feet clapping and screaming, you stand there
holding the final position, listening to them applaud the performance you had
just given. Itís the type of feeling that you get when you know that you have
achieved the goal that you have worked so hard for. Itís almost indescribable.
The friendships that I have made through all of the good times and the bad
times will last a life time. I am around these girls so much and I have gotten to
know them so well that sometimes I end up knowing what they are thinking
even before they have figured it out themselves. I have spent the last three
years laughing, crying, and smiling together with these girls. Although some of
the girls might be better at somethingís, and have different strengths, we have
all learned to accept eachotherís differences and put them to our advantages
instead of having them go against us. A team is not something where there are
any individuals. We are all as one. I heard a quote once that I will always
remember. I says, ď There is no ďIĒ in team.Ē It means, no matter what
happens, a team is to always stand together, and if there is someone who thinks
that they are better than someone else, it brings down the whole team. I have
seen this happen and it affects ever single member of the team. It makes it
harder to work together because all of the sudden there is the feeling that you
need to compete with each other. You can when a team performs if they are
tuned into each other or not. It is obvious because everything that they do
doesnít look like just one girl out there dancing. That is the whole point in
dancing as a team. That is why I believe that being on a team was the one thing
that could help me the most in the future. By being part of a team I have
learned things that I wouldnít have been able to learn anywhere else. It has
taught me to work together with others, take their suggestions, and use them to
my advantage to help me personally get better. It has taught me to love people
and to look farther than just whatís on the outside. I have learned to have
patience to overcome opsticals that I might face later on in life in my career and
also in my family. My passion for dancing goes far beyond just dancing. It has
expanded into an exciting learning experience for me. There is not one day that
goes by that I donít learn something that will help me in the future somehow.
That is why I love it.