Every Veteranís day, we always look back at the past, to respect all of the soldiers who fought for us in past wars. The veterans didnít have to fight for us, but I think they did it for on major reason, freedom. They did it because out of bravery and kindness. I think that we should respect veterans for a lot of reasons but there are three major reasons I fell all of us should respect them.
The first reason is for their bravery. If they werenít brave, then we could have lost many wars. If we lost the wars we wouldnít be a free country and we would have no government . We would not be able to live the way we want to. Therefore we should always respect the veterans bravery.
The second reason to respect our veterans is for the kindness. The veterans fought for the future, which is us the children. We should be thankful for the world we live in, many veterans gave up their lives for us. In some countries, leaders do not care about what happens to their people, but our country does, and that is why we should respect the kindness of our veterans.
Finally, I have the most important reason why we should always respect our veterans, that is freedom. Without freedom, we could have half of the things that we have now. We would have no respect, no rights, and no happiness, In other countries, people donít have freedom, and they are suffering and dying. Without freedom, we would have nothing.
In conclusion I just wanted to tell everyone what I feel is the important reasons why we should respect our veterans.

I hope that everyone will now be aware of how lucky we are to live in this country, to have people who care for us so greatly and to cherish the freedom we have because of the men and woman who fought for us, our veterans.