Eventhough many people do not like to hear about it, but many kids each year are

either thrown or run away to live on the streets. For one reason or another they turn away

from there home life, and turn to live on the street. Many look towards prostitution as a

means of funding there drug addiction. All they have to look forward to is broken hearts

and broken dreams.

Most of the kids in the movie have no homes. One girl lives with her parents.

Some other kids live at the YMCA Many live out of sewer and under bridges. Two kids

live in an abandoned apartment building, where there “furnishings” are no water or

electricity. They do though have a couch. Another kid lives under a bridge with a man

named Jack. They all gave up a loving family, a good education, and possibly a good


These kids have a big drug addiction, and some of them look for prostitution as a

fund for there drugs. One girl calls it sex only when you are getting paid for it. One girl

calls the men who buy her pervert. Some girls do it so they can get pregnant and get

taken care of. One girl Erin, her mother does not really care for her daughter, but when

she brought home two hundred dollars, she was very excited.

Erin is lucky, her mother still does care for her. Many other kids in the movie

either do not care for there parent or there parents do not care for them. Some kids say

there parents do not love them or they tried to contact there parent, but the parents would

not listen. This is very frightening and unfortunate, because they once had a family that

love and cared for them. They all had a chance, but now they are living alone on the

streets, no where to go and no one to turn to. The scary thing is that this could happen to


These kids live very tragic lives. They spend there days begging for money, and

searching through dumpsters for some food. Some tried to live with there parent , but

they just threw them back to the streets. One kid Dwayne, his father is in jail. His father

is an arsonist, a burglar, and has committed many other offenses. This could be one

reason he is on the streets. Unfortunately even thought there are social worker and other

people trying to help these kids, they will not listen. Life on the streets is tough, and it is

very hard. One kid Dwayne committed suicide while he was in jail. All he wanted was a

family that loved him. When word got to the streets that he was dead, no one was faced

by it. Life is very hard and these kids do not have much to look forward to.