Murder is one of the worst crimes that can be committed against any human being. There are many kinds of murder such as brutal, judicious, torturous, euthanasia and many others. This paper is about Euthanasia or mercy killing. Euthanasia is making someone die, rather than letting that person die naturally. Mercy killing is often done to elderly people, mortally wounded people, and persons with incurable and often painful diseases. Mentally disabled persons and people who feel that they no longer want to live are also the victims of murders who act (supposedly) in passion. Euthanasia is a crime it is illegal and immoral, it is an action that should be forbidden and its' existence forgotten.
Lucille Donaldson was a seventy-year-old widow, she had six children all of whom are grown up and have children of their own. Grandma Lucy, as she was known by her many grandchildren, had vibrancy for life and the looks of a fifty-year-old; she looked young and, to men of her age, was beautiful. Grandma Lucy was a kind woman, always willing to help out others, and was liked by all that knew her. She had lived with her eldest child since Nineteen ninety -one babysitting her Grandchildren and living happily there.
Then in nineteen ninety-six was diagnosed with lung cancer. She underwent surgery having the tumor removed. All seemed well until she went for a check up at the hospital where she found that her cancer had metastasized and was now infecting her bones. She underwent Chemotherapy, but to no avail Lucille was told she only had a year to live. During this time her family had set up her room to be more comfortable for her, and she spent many hours in there, now that the cancer was sapping away the energy with which she once enjoyed life so thoroughly. She could be heard crying and praying to God, "Lord please don't let me die, I swear I will never sin again, I'll never curse or be mean again." A few months passed and it was the Christmas of 1997, she was weak now and had about 9 months according to the doctors. Even though the strain of her illness and the pain of her illness showed, she never once lost her will to try to keep on living. By now she was too sick for the family to care for her and they placed her into a nursing home in Findlay, OH. She was there for a month and her condition steadily declined, when her family visited she was so weak she could barely talk other than to show her love for them. After she was in there two months the family was again visiting, and Grandma Lucy was severely dehydrated, her concerned daughter alerted the nurses and gave her food and drink. The family satisfied that the danger of dehydration was over left for home. Three days later they received a phone call telling of Lucys' death. When the family came up to the nursing home, they found out that the water and food they had given her was the only fluid she had received in over a week. It was mercy killing a nurse explained to them, Lucy was dying so they drugged her up with medications, so she couldn't complain, and then let her lie in her bed and peacefully pass on.
The treatment that Lucille received, although illegal, is not uncommon. The murder of those whose' lives are not as beneficial as they could be is seen as compassionate and merciful. This murder although it is many times asked for and even desired is always wrong and immoral. The worst, if murder can be rated, is when it is a case such as Lucilles'; she was not willing to give up her life and struggled for as long as she could to live on. She suffered the pains of surgery and the humiliation of baldness from Chemotherapy so that she could try to finish her life naturally. Instead the nurses and other people took it upon themselves to decide when her life was over, and worst of all they did it under the guise of compassion.
It is said by those that allow these atrocities to happen, that