English 12

For instance what would you say if one of your loved ones was
lying in the hospital? He is on a respirator can not breath on there
own if the respirator is taken off. The doctors say that the chances
of this loved one ever come out of this are 1 in 1,000,000. This
loved one will now lie in this hospital bed until they die. But what
if the family could say we want the respirator taken off. We do not
want our loved one to lie in the hospital until they pass on . So if
euthanasia was legal we could give our loved one the peace that they
want. Lots of doctors say that if you give it time they might come
out of it but you never know. But sometimes time runs out and we must
decide what are we doing our loved one(s) a favor or if we being
cruel and not respecting their wishes. Euthanasia should be legal for
those who are terminally ill and for those who are in so much pain
that they are ready to die.
The terminally ill depend on others to do their most of
personal needs. Most of time they are shipped of to a nursing home
and can't do anything for themselves. This leaves them to have other
people change their clothes, give them a shower, give them a bath,
and feed them. Lots of times older and younger people, who are
terminally ill find it embarrassing to have other people do these
things for them. How would you feel? When you were a baby someone did

all of these things for you. Now that you are 30 or older you do not
want someone doing these things for you. Do you?
Infact there are many different types of euthanasia. Only
one is legal. You decide what the difference is if there is any. The
first one is terminal sedation, and this is where the physician
administers enough drugs (usually a mixture of barbiturates and
benzodiazepines) to cause unconsciousness. Then fluids and nutrients
are taken out and death usually follows. Next we have physician
assisted suicide and this is where the physician writes a
prescription for a lethal dose of drugs. The patient must be
terminally ill mentally competent and physically able to swallow
drugs. The last type is voluntary active euthanasia. The physician
sedates the patient to unconsciousness, then gives a fatal injection
often this is muscle paralyzing drug that stops breathing and heart
These are the different ways of euthanasia. The first way was
the only legal way. I personally don't see any difference in the
three. But the lawmakers do. I think that all of these ways should be
made legal to help put the terminally ill patients lives to peace.
Lots of people say that euthanasia should not be legal. That is
there right. So why not let other people have the right to choose if
they want to die. If they make that choice that is the same as you
making the choice to not chose death and let god take you when he
wants you.
Put another way some people question if it is a dignified
death? Is it? I think that only that person can decide. "Well let's
take what people think is a dignified death. Was Christ's death

dignified? Do you think it's dignified to hang from wood with nails
through your hands and feet bleeding hanging for three days slowly
dying"(qtd. Kevorkian )
All though when considering euthanasia there are certain
guidelines. The patient must make repeated requests, a lack of
reasonable alternatives. The patient must have enough information
about euthanasia. The physician must take full responsibility in
exercise of guidelines and performance.(paraphrase Burnell MD) When
considering euthanasia you should talk it over with your family and
make sure that it is what you want. For some it can be a good thing
and for others it can be a bad thing.
Furthermore there are many different arguments that are for
and against euthanasia. Those who are for euthanasia, feel that when
doctors diagnose a person terminally ill you should seek 2nd and 3rd
opinion. Euthanasia supporters agree that emotionally disturbed
people should be screened carefully evaluated and referred for
treatment a request of ones life to be ended should be in writing.
The relief of suffering and pain 10 to 15% of cancer patients suffer
significant pain and troublesome symptoms. Some say that you would be
playing god if committing suicide others say you would be respecting
a loved ones wishes.
Consequently euthanasia can