I am coming from a Christian standpoint on the subject of Euthanasia. Throughout
this paper I will be playing little bit of the Devils advocate, so donít get
worried. I am totally against Euthanasia or assisted suicide, whatever you may
call it. I have done much research on this subject and feel it is not the answer
to anything! I will give you the Christian beliefs on it as well as the any
other beliefs on it. But when it comes down to it Euthanasia is wrong and
illegal both in the law and in the eyes of God. There are two forms of suicide,
first there is emotional suicide or irrational self-murder in all of it
complexities nd sadness. This is where the person feels his or hers life is too
terrible to go on anymore, keep in mind that they are fine both physically and
emotionally the majority of the time. Then there is the second kind of suicide,
which is "Justifiable Suicide". I put that in quotes because as a Christian
we do not believe in suicide and feel that no suicide is justifiable! This kind
of suicide is rational and planned self-deliverance from painful and hopeless
disease which will shortly end in death. This is by no way acceptable, for one
there is no rational way of suicide and there is no justifiable reason to end
your or someone elseís life. Even if a hopelessly ill person is requesting
assistance in dying for the most compassionate reasons, and the helper is acting
from the most noble motives, it remains a crime in the Anglo-American world.

There are many reasons why Euthanasia should be the right answer. Such as an
advanced terminal illness that is causing unbearable suffering to the
individual. (This is most common) This may seem like the perfect answer to end
someoneís life so you donít have to see them suffer anymore but, there is a
reason that that person is the way they are and it is because of God and by the
will of God he will take them soon enough. Another reason is grave physical
handicap which is so restricting that the individual cannot, even after due
consideration, counseling, and re-training tolerate such a limited existence.

For one God will never give you anything that you cant handle, so if you get a
grave handicap donít give up God knows you are strong and will be able to get
through that and anything else. The word "Euthanasia" comes from the Greek
Ėeu, "good", and thanatos, "death". Literally meaning "good
death". But the word Euthanasia has acquired a more complex meaning in modern
times. It is generally taken nowadays to mean doing something about achieving a
good death. A good question that comes up often is how do they do it?! These
so-called doctors have been known to use drugs, which is most common. They put
their patients under and slowly they stop breathing and pass away. Another way
that I found while researching is a plastic bag. If they think they are doing
these people a favor by taking them out of there suffering and pain then what
are they doing with plastic bags?! They go through that fear for about 5 minutes
until they finally suffocate and die. This is a very in-human way to kill a
human being I donít care what they want or did. Police, Paramedics and

Coroners put a very low priority of investigation of suicide when evidence comes
before them that the person was dying anyway, and there is a note from the
deceased. Detectives and Coroners officers will walk away from the scene once
they are satisfied that the person who committed suicide was terminally ill.

Instead of killing yourself there are a lot of other solutions. For instance you
could always go into a hospice program and receive not only first-class pain
management but comfort care and personal attention. A few hospice leaders claim
that their care is so perfect that there is absolutely no reason for anyone to
even consider Euthanasia. I have no wish to criticize them, they are wrong to
claim perfection. If ones body has been so destroyed by disease that it is not
worth living, that is an intensely individual decision which should not be
thwarted. Let me ask you this, What does it profit a man if he gains the whole
world and loses his soul. Those few words are very powerful. To lose your soul
and to give up everything because you think you have it rough is just