Euthanasia usually refers to mercy killing, the intentional ending of someone’s life who is very ill. Euthanasia is requested by the patient, but sometimes it is requested by a loved one or even recommended by a doctor. Euthanasia can be either active or passive. Active euthanasia is when the doctor or nurses gives the patient something to deliberately make them die. Passive euthanasia is when the patients dies of lack of treatment from the doctor or nurse. Euthanasia is not legalized in most areas of the world. Euthanasia should be legalized to insure legal rights, to alleviate suffering and to provide more hospital care and beds for other patients. Euthanasia should be legalized to insure legal rights. Someone should have the right to die. “ People have the right to choose their own death at their own time as an expression of free will” (Kowalski 6). There should be laws permitting this everywhere. Euthanasia is a very humane and very good way to help people to end their lives. Nurses should have the right to end patients life, but only if they request it. “Nurses are committed to compassion and empathy and understand the basis of patient requests for assisted suicide” (Kowalski 1). Euthanasia laws need to be legalized to protect peoples right to choose death. “ This law will bring all assisted suicide under closer scrutiny” (Bridge 1). Euthanasia laws should be carried out by every hospital in the United States. To alleviate suffering, euthanasia should be legalized. Many patients are terminally ill and in great amount of pain. If euthanasia were legalized it would prevent suffering. “ Acts of euthanasia are preformed to eliminate suffering and allow the patient to die with dignity” (Kowalski 2). The loved ones of the person dying should have some say in the persons future too. The loved ones are the people who see the person suffer the most and if the person and their loved ones both decide they should have a right to carry it out. “It is an act of love to stop this suffering” (Combe 1). Doctors feel that euthanasia is sometimes very necessary to relieve the patients of all there suffering. The doctors and nurses at the hospital also have to see the patient suffer day after day and if the person wants it and the doctor feels its right, it should be done. Out of 852 nurses surveyed sixteen percent were said to have preformed euthanasia or help terminally ill patients commit suicide (Heselberg 1). Euthanasia should be legalized because it would help many sick and dying patients end their lives peacefully. If euthanasia were legalized it would provide more care and hospital beds for many patients. “ 3,000 patients die each year after specifically requesting that their lives be terminated” (Bridge 1). If euthanasia were legalized more patients would choose it to help them deal with their pain and there would began to be less and less hospital overcrowding. It would also provide more care for patients. Usually patients who request euthanasia are the ones who need the most 24 hours hospital care and if these patients want to end there life they should be able to, because it would provide more care to other people. Also, hospitals spend tremendous amounts of money each year on terminally ill patients. “Money spent on hopeless intensive care treatment could be used better toward a package of benefits for all those in the Medicaid programs well as for other social good” (Kowalski 7). To insure legal rights, to alleviate suffering and to provide more hospital beds and care, euthanasia should be legalized. Many people choose to die each year. If this is what that is how they choose to end there lives, it should be carried out. People who are in al lot of pain and choose to end their lives prematurely should have a choice of whether or not to live or die. If euthanasia were legalized it would many thousands of people happier and in less pain.