Ethnology Paper

I am facing the store Daytons in the Columbia Mall in GF. I am sitting on a bench
in the center watching people go by. It is early in the afternoon on Tuesday. There are
very few people milling around the mall.
The first person I see is a middle age woman, I would estimate at 35-45 with no
children present. She is wearing black slacks and a yellow ski jacket. She is average
weight (hard to determine through the jacket). She is walking towards me from the
Dayton wing, and has just paused in the middle. She looks as if she is deciding where to
go. She sits on the bench across and a little to the left of me. She stays there for about 4
minutes looking at one of those day planners. I would venture the guess that she is finding
out when she is meeting someone. I have been trying to get a look at her left hand to see
if there is a ring, but my vision isnít good enough to see clearly. She gets up and heads
towards the Target wing. I now am getting a clear view of her left hand and there is a ring
but I donít know if it is a wedding band or not. She is walking down the Target wing and
she doesnít stop until I can no longer see her. I have had to get up and move to see her.
People have gone by but I was busy trying to see all I could of ďJaniceĒ (I donít
know why I picked that name for her, she just looked like a Janice).
The next person that catches my attention is a young Hispanic boy. He is probably
a bit younger than I am, and kinda looks like a gangsta wannabe. He is wearing a big
puffy blue FUBU jacket and very baggy black jeans. He looks like he knows exactly
where he is going, I can tell this by his purposeful, fast-paced walk. I donít know where
he is going but it is down that mini-hall that has the pet store. I think he is looking for his
friends but I canít tell. Actually he is going out the door. I predict heís leaving.
I see another guy maybe a little bit older than me (perhaps 20) heading for the
Daytons wing. I am only seeing him from behind but I can tell it is a guy by the walk and
the hair. The hair is dark brown and cut very close to his head. I guess that it could be a
woman but I have never seen one with that short of hair. He is wearing black jeans and a
black jacket. I have christened him Richard. He is walking towards Daytons but he is
walking very slowly like he is trying to decide if he should really be stopping at all of these
I am breaking from him for a woman with a stroller!! (I put exclamation points
because this is a pretty big deal on such a slow day). She is a younger woman (25-35?)
wearing a red and black ski jacket with blue jeans. Her child, which appears to be a boy,
is wearing a white jacket and I canít see the rest. He looks like he is about 8-14 months (I
really canít judge the age of someone that young accurately). She is walking about 10 feet
in front of me and I am giving her a smile because she seems to be interested in what I am
writing down. She smiles right back. Her child is asleep, or just resting with his eyes
closed. He is a very cute baby. Anyway, she is walking over to the pet store, I am
guessing to look for a puppy for her young boy (at least that is what I hope, every boy
needs a puppy). She is stopping in front of the windows, but she doesnít stay there long
before heading for the doors to leave. I guess her boy mustíve still been asleep.
I have looked for Richard but he mustíve either picked up the pace or gone into a
store because he is gone.
I do, however, see Janice again, walking from Target and coming to the center.
She appears to have a purpose. Maybe she is going to meet whoever was in her little day
planner. That of course is just a guess. She is