Essay Questions For World Cultures Final:

Africa --- Group B, Question 2
Historians describe events and developments in terms of cause and effect relationships.
A. Describe the causes of Apartheid
B. Discuss the effects of Apartheid on South Africa

There are many major causes that lead to the awful rule of Apartheid. Many Afrikaners believed in the superiority of the White Race. In 1910, a new constitution was adopted to support this belief. The effect of this change made lives for blacks and other non-whites much worse. There were many laws passed which separated the races with the non-whites getting the short end of the stick. Within Apartheid there were laws called pass laws. This caused non-whites to have many rights taken away such as:

1) Ownership of land (besides reserves)
2) Assigned land to live on
3) forced to live in townships
4) etc.

These laws put all minorities into a great disadvantage. This caused the Africans living in the reserves/homelands to overcome many hardships. For example, most of the labor force was black, but most of the businesses were on the "white land" in turn the blacks became what the called "migrant workers." This hurt the famalies that they were forced to leave behind. This was only one of the horrible examples that there were.

The effects apartheid has had on South Africa have been dramatic. There has been many resistance rallies and many sad stories. Such rallies as Sharpesville and Soweto have become horrible disasters and have effected many people all over the globe. Sharpesville, for example, was a demonstration by blacks against the pass laws. This event led to the death and the enforcement of stricter pass laws. No matter what the blacks tried, they had no power whatsoever. Apartheid has set South Africa back in technology and in their status among Global Puzzle/Economy. Apartheid has hindered the development of businesses and has hurt education statistics among the non-whites. Being that Apartheid has been so influential and horrendous the effects of it will unfortunately loom for a long time to come.

Latin Amerixan --- Group A, Question 2
Modernization is changing life in Latin America. Explain how the growth of cities and other developments have affected the following.
A. the family
B. women
C. the Catholic Church