Essay on Inherit the Wind

Dear members of the jury, I am here today to undo the wrong on behalf of this man. He was charged
because he was thought to have taught religion in his grade 11 English class. But the question really is if he
did teach religion to his class. Of course not! He knew the rules and regulations of the board of education and
had no intention to break them and he did not. All he was doing was explaining literature to his grade 11 class.
They\'re learning stories from around the world and some students had brought up the topic about David and
Goliath and Adam and Eve. As any good teacher would do, he decided to tell them about it, but a more direct
way, so he got the Book of Genesis. All he was doing was reading some of the stories here and there. If you
consider reading stories a violation of teaching religion then you might as well throw away all those fairy tale
books. What he read from the Book of Genesis and Fairy Tale books have no difference because the are just
stories. He was not teaching religion! If he was teaching religion, then he would\'ve not just read the stories
from the book of Genesis. The stories that he read were not religious scriptures, but just plain old common

Even if it was a religious scripture, what did this man do wrong? Would you say taking stories from a
religious book teaching religion? I wouldn\'t think so. I would see it as taking parts of stories and criticizing
about them. What did he criticize about the book? Was it the holy scriptures? No, it was the technique of how
it was written, the style of writting that was used, and just that. There was nothing more to it, not one drop of
religion to it at all. It was just what any English teacher would do, read some books and put them out for
discussion. This has nothing to do with teaching religion, but it was more like reading a book. That\'s exactly
what it was, reading a book.

So in conclusion, I would fully agree that if someone had violated the law, then that person should be
charged, but this man had done nothing. All he was doing was doing his job as an English teacher and nothing
more. I know that this man is innocent and I hope that you the members of the jury can come to a rightful