Would you want to live forever ? My position on this topic is equal upon
yes and on no. This question has puzzled me and many others. Many things
affect me, and make me think that I would, however some point towards the
rejection of this statement. Throughout the years, the eye of the public
and the eye of god have witnessed many happenings and events. From the
dawn of man, to Martin Luther King, from the discovery of fire to the
discovery of nuclear energy. As the world turns, mother nature takes its
course and plays a vital role in the construction of new generations.
Facts and ideas get passed along from one generation to another, so if one
was to live forever they would be able to witness everything. From
discoveries, to inventions, serial killers to world leaders and watch
their family grow through the ages and eventually die.

What are the benefits of living forever ? Besides watching human
life and the universe evolve, the person can personally see the change of
the world, its development and the swaying of attitudes among all. The
future holds answers that can only be answered by time, but every being
has his or her time, the time to die, and that time will arrive
eventually. But imagine outliving all, the possibilities are uncanny.
This wonder, fantasy is the same concept of Peter Pan and Never Never
Land. To never age and grow old, to see loved ones go by, friends and
family. Since the possibilities of what one can do are limitless, then
this state of living forever is a sort of never ending role playing game,
and every kid living on this earth, with a limited lifespan knows that
sooner or later you will get bored of the game and want to call it quits.
But, how will one call quits to a life, a life which in theory would seem
to become boring after experiencing everything this world has to offe!
r. Wouldnít that be the greatest thing about living forever ? That your
enjoyments of sports, foods, friends, and loved ones would be renewable.
That when one thing goes another thing arrives.

Have you ever experienced death ? Obviously not personal but in
the family or of someone close to you. Itís hard to let go, and hard to
put your thoughts and feelings about that person behind you. People will
tell you to go on with your life, and that itís all a part of life, living
and dying. Imagine experiencing the hell of losing someone over and over
and over and over again. The pain and agony that you would have to suffer
through are agonizing just thinking about it. Ah first love. The first
date, the first holding of hands, the first kiss, and the first death. Ah
second love. The second date, the second holding of hands, the second
kiss, and the second death. Visualize going through these stages every
century, knowing that you will never meet your beloved up in heaven, and
knowing that every other woman or man you see, you will feel as though you
are betraying the others. The whole fantasy of love and relationships
would all be part of the ongoing game, however this is !
not an ongoing change. The woman or men you would meet throughout the ages
would be somewhat of exact copies, because your image, attitude,
personality, and yourself in general would not have changed and therefore
the same type of woman or men would be attracted to you and this in turn
would become monotonous.

What about other peoples opinions ? Many texts and oral
presentations have been produced concerning our society and their view
that they must fit in. That one must fit the image that every generation
has hazily set. But if you are to live forever that would set in the minds
of others that you are some sort of freak that never dies and a weird
person that, just isnít normal. And nobody likes someone that isnít
normal, because they wouldnít know what to expect from them, and what
their idea of fun is. Not that you would be considered as an alien from
mars, eventhough they could be interacting with us by then, but as someone
who is outdated because it would obviously take time to become accustomed
to the way of life in that time.

Do you believe in re-incarnation ? The ancient Egyptians believed
that when one person dies, he