The Environment has become a very important issue world wide. People all over the world have been polluting and gradually destroying the earth’s environment for many years. For the most part, this destruction has been done with out knowledge of the dangers to the health of every living creature on earth. Time is running out and immediate action must be taken.

We can all recycle, reuse and reduce many normal every day products that we use at home and at the workplace. For instance how about all those pop cans and bottles that we have after parties or after a year of storage? We can either start collecting cans for a hobby or take fifteen minutes of our daily routine to take them down to the grocery store for a refund. Many people would rather throw them away than making that extra effort to recycle them. What about all that paper? Newspapers, magazines and flyers are a dilemma for everyone. Everyone receives a newspaper stuffed with flyers almost daily. These paper products can be easily recycled with the flick of a wrist...just drop them into the blue recycling box and then we can honestly say that we are contributing to the “greening” of our planet. We can also keep the schools, parks and beaches clean. Everyone should avoid littering, picking up garbage that may have been dropped on the ground and by placing many garbage cans around these areas can help to eliminate this heavy burden that has been haunting us for a very long time. Another way that we can conscientiously make a difference is to make an effort, whenever possible, to purchase food and household products in bulk form or in packaging that is either manufactured with recyclable paper or plastic. Why not buy refills which would not take up so much space in our closets and reduce the amount of garbage we are throwing into our land fills. We can even take along our own containers to grocery stores and refill them. Even at the workplace, employees should all bring their own coffee mugs from home thus eliminating the need to use the ugly “S” word...Styrofoam cups!

Styrofoam cups, diapers, milk cartons, and juice boxes are a very big problem because they will never in a million years decompose! They are also one of the worst enemies to the Ozone layer because while they are being manufactured they let off a toxic chemical which enters the air and contributes to its contamination. This also causes the ultraviolet rays from the sun to give us a very good chance of getting skin cancer with only a very short exposure to the sun. Diapers are also a very big problem. One baby during their diapering period uses 1/2 a ton or about 7400 diapers which we throw into our land fills.* Disposable diapers add an enormous amount of paper, plastic, and human feces to our land fills. We can reduce this by using washable cloth diapers and diaper services. Milk cartons can be recycled if we buy glass containers rather than regular milk cartons and instead of buying juice boxes for school or work we should buy big glass containers of juice and refill a thermos or a sealed cup with it.

Another important issue is the constant danger to wildlife by the pollution of both air and water. Litter doesn’t just look bad, it can hurt and even kill wild animals. For example, those plastic rings that hold six packs of pop often end up in the sea. When they are in the water, birds and animals cannot see them, and unfortunately get their necks tangled up in the rings. They either drown or when their necks get larger, the rings get tighter and they eventually choke to death. In order to avoid this terrible event it would simply take a second to throw them in to the recycle bin. You will be doing the Earth’s animals and its people a big favour!
Each of us can help reduce our share of the total garbage burden on our environment. If everyone does their share, very soon there will be immediate results. We must ensure that the planet becomes a safe, healthy environment for all the future generations of man and his world.