English Term Project

The Greek mythology explains a lot about Gods and Heroes. Greek mythology explains that there were a lot of gods and heroes and in some position some heroes were the sons or daughters of those gods and goddesses. Greek mythology has plenty of gods, such as god of thunder, god of sky, god of water, or even god of life and god of death. But Greek mythology has a lot of story which includes wars between the gods and goddesses and the love between gods and goddesses or even taking over or defeating gods and goddesses. Another thing that this mythology includes is mortality and immortality. This is one thing that grabs my attention, Greek gods has the ability to make a person immortality and mortality. But some Greek gods are greedy over their beauty or power and does spectacular things which even includes killing their own preacias love.
The Islamic mythology covers totally different myth, then Greek mythology. In Islamic mythology there is only one god and one god only. The one and only god is ďAllahĒ. Muslims only pray to Allah, they only worship Allah and no one else. When there is a bad timing or when peoples are in trouble they pray to Allah to make everything better for them. Islamic mythology doesnít include how Allah came about. It says that Allah is the only creator of all planets, which include earth. So eventually there is no other god besides Allah. In which the prophet Mohammed is the only hero in Islamic mythology because he was the one who spread Islam.
The comparison for these two myth is that there is god and hero in both myth. But a contrast for these two myth is that Greek mythology has plenty of gods and goddesses but Islamic mythology has only one god and one hero, which that one god is Allah and the one hero is Mohammed. In Greek myth, when gods and goddesses got married and when they had a daughter or a son, eventually their kids were gods as well. Every gods and goddesses had some kinds of power. But in Islamic myth, peoples had to worship the one and only god, when the peoples had kids, their kids had to worship the god too.
In my opinion, the myth that I prefer is Islamic myth because first of all Iím Muslim. Second of all Islamic myth is not as complicated as others. Also the meaning of Islam is peace. So there was a lot of peace, opposite of Greek myth which included a lot of wars and greediness and fighting and jealousy. Each culture choose this way to explain there phenamena because this is the way they felt most comfortable of explaining their phenamena.