English Poem

Days of fear\'

It was late September

And the people of the city were brought to surrender

It carried on to the month after

Two men and their evil laughter

Everyone in fear

Eyes would release a tear

In this world no chances given twice

When two men were handed a device

It took away human life

No matter if you were nice

You couldn’t do anything and it cut at you like a knife

Chosen were 12 civilians

3 injured and 9 killed

Family’s had tried to rebuild

Homes now empty when once filled

Air once warm but now chilled

Two men and a rifle

To them other lives were only trifle

The time was dreadful

The city was in grief

Due to this thief

The thief that stole lives

Relatives cried

While relatives died

People sighed

While people cried

No matter how hard we tried

There seemed no end to this ride

Then during mid October

This horror game was over

With 9 gone

And the pain as if your heart was scorn

Time had come for a new day had born