English Oral

Goodmorning fellow workmates. Today I would like to talk to you about the upcoming film festival. As you all know a film is to be chosen and used in the festival to show the characteristics of the Australian Identity. I will be trying to convince you to vote for the film that I believe is best suited for the job. A film right for the job should clearly display the elements of the Australian identity and should show the way Australian’s are, how they live their lives and what their values are.

There are many films which are based around the Australian Identity, but I believe that the film The Castle is the best way of explaining it to the public. The movie is directed and produced in Australia and shows a good reflection of what Australian’s value. The main character is Michael Caton who plays the father of a typical Australian family.

The Castle is a story about an Australian family who go to court and fight against the government who want to demolish their house and turn it into an airport which they live next to. The family live in a house which has had custom made extensions, half finished features and is cluttered with junk. The house is not worth much money because they are next to an airport and is an eyesore to look at. This is not an issue to the family, they love the house and do not want to leave it. They are all a very close bunch of people and they value each second of life, just like typical Australian’s do.

When the father recieves the notice which tells them that they have to move out he goes next door and discusses it with his neighbour, which confirms the fact that Australian’s always stck by their mates. Aussie’s will always protect their mates and are willing to go through any thing to help them out. Another characteristic of the average Australian is that they are Aussie battlers and will fight to the end to get what they want. In the film the father stands up for what he believes in and confronts the courts and won’t let anyone push him around. His love for his home and his family are too strong, these are the motivations that tell him to fight because he is proud to be an Australian.

Throughout the film the language used is none other than typical Australian slang. Words like sheella, no worries she’ll be right mate and G’day are obvious reminders that the you are watching an Australian made film. The way they live their lives is also an exact example of what to expect from an Aussie. Aussie’s are layed back and don’t take things other than drinking, eating meat pies, driving Holdens or watching sport on T.V seriously. The familar phraze, she’ll be right mate supports this.

This movie shows that Australia is a friendly, receptive country which is full of typical Australian people. Overall the movie The Castle is a great way to show the public the elements of the Australian Identity. Please support me in my act to make The Castle the feature film in the upcomming film festival.