English Heritage


After a long 18 hour flight overseas, I started to wonder about how it might be like. I came to an unknown place called America. I am originally from the Republic of Korea. There are many similarities and differences between these two countries. First, I was very scared because I love Korean food, not knowing whether or not I will be able to eat it here. However, I found out every food they have in Korea, I am able to find it here. Also, every culture we take into place in Korea is considered here as well. We give our elders great respect, and show them this by bowing and speaking in a manner where it is different as supposed to talking to a friend. The backgrounds of these two countries are very different. Korea, as we know, is split into South Korea and North Korea. It was very saddening to see this split. The war between these two countries is still in process. The style of academic is also different. In Korea, usually after high school, it is required for all students to take an extra class which is about 2-3 hours long. The time they come back from school is literally around 9 pm. Once they are done with high school, college life is very simple and easy. Here, college level of academics by far surpasses the level of work done in high school. Recently, the Korean world cup soccer team went to the semi-finals. It was very exciting to see them make it that far. Overall, I am proud to be called a Korean.