English 12 Tom Curtis
1984 Writing Assignment 1/17/99

In 1984 Orwell's ideas apply to todays society. Orwell's ideas of Doublethink, Altering the Past, and newspeak applied in the book 1984 still apply today just no as blunt as in the book 1984.

Doublethink means to think to contraciting thoughts and beliving they are both true. In todays society doublethink is used on how people belive in god. For example most people believe in god and go to church. But when something bad happens in life they blame god and wonder why he wasnt there and blame him. But when in reality no one really knows if he even exist.

Newspeak is the languge that Big Brother wants you to belive and live by in the book 1984. In is used all the time in today's society. For example when you are fired from your job your employer uses words like "released", "let go", or "terminated". Using those words make it sound not as bad when in reality they all mean the same thing.

Altering the past is used in 1984 all the time. They re-write history to make them out to look good. And that is used in today's society. When someone in the US writes a history book they make the holocaust in germany and other foreign wars out to be really bad. But when they write about the civil war they skip discusting details and tell what "good" came out of it like the end of slavery and they try to avoid reality. They want to make the United States to look like the best country in the world.

Doublethink, Newspeak and Altering of the past is used everyday in life and we may not even know it. The book 1984 is a very good example of how bad things could get using those three forms of living. Using those three forms of living doesnt need to be a bad thing, like today's society.