Engineers: The Builders of Tomorrow

Anthony Karl Ruda

“Computer technology is altering the form, nature, and future of the American

economy.”(McConnell, 3)

Computers of today has grown and evolved with time. From the very first ENIAC

computer to the Pentium Processors of today, computers have come a long way.

“ENIAC was as big as a boxcar, as complicated as an airplane and as costly as the Ritz.

Microchips would soon cost as little as five dollars and could be packed a million to a

boxcar for delivery to anywhere, to anybody.”(Life, 32) Who best to create this type of

technology is none other than the engineers of this world. These are the ones that are

patient enough, creative enough and articulate enough to learn the ways of the chip.

Computers are now part of our very lives. Everywhere we turn, computers are used for

everything. From doing our homework at home, to dealing with business in the work

field, “The microprocessors have found its way into every nook and cranny of modern

civilization.”(Life, 32) According to life magazine, We have taken the computer and

made it everyone’s tool. (Life, 32) “The computer went from being under the control of a

very privileged group to being available to everyone. Today, High School kids have more

computer power than some of the most elite three decades ago.” Says Ted Hoffman to

Life magazine. (qtd in Life, 32) Even today’s cars cannot run without this silicon

marvels embedded on their system. Mercedes now boasts 50 microprocessors…(Life, 32)

The ones who made this all possible are the computer engineers of the world. With there

love for creativity and ingenuity, they are the ones that are paving the road of tomorrow.

“Few are Nerd wearing pocket protectors, most are sociable and articulate.

They’re the front line troops in the battlefield for the environment and market share.”

(Alpert, 87) We have always viewed engineers as nerds and geekazoids who never had a

date in high school, college or ever in their life. Now, they are the ones that are making

this world better for us to live in. Engineering is a way of expressing ones creativeness.

Such as in the University of Massachusetts, Engineers there are finding ways to make

computers nicer when frustration is detected.(Scientific American, 35) “Remember that

pudgy kid in the eight grade who likes to concoct bombs in his mothers kitchen? Now

he’s one of America’s premiere software designers.”(Alpert, 87) Today, Computer

Engineering is the way to go. It is where people get to express their passion for the

computer and also make six figures in the process. Engineering is not a one step process.

One must go through years of school and experience in order to say, “I am good.”

I myself am taking up computer engineering and I tell u, it is no joke.

In this field, good is not enough. “it’s not enough to be good technically, you have

to be articulate to be in my group.” Helen Cannon quotes in fortune magazine.(qtd in

Alpert, 91) Her engineering staff includes an Oklahoman who likes to write limericks and

ebullient Englishman on loan from Du Pont’s Brazilian subsidiary.. hen they are not

testing the properties of refrigerants and foam-blowing agents, they swap versus via

email.(Alpert, 91)

Change is the biggest part in this field. If you are not able to cope with the

hanging environment, one will not survive in the field.. Intel alone doubles the speed of

its chips every month. That shows that change is a part of this industry. Change is

essential for advancement and new programs etc. “For the country and the

consumer…Most experts feel we stand at the halfway mark of the chip revolution, and

that Moore’s Law could hold for another fifteen years—Perhaps 10 more doublings of

chips per year.”(Life, 32) Moore’s law is referring to the rate that the speed of the chip

doubles, and that is after every 18 months.

I chose this field for many reasons. It may be the money, the experience or just

my passion for that memory-crunching machine that is changing our lives. I have chosen

this field because I want to be part of something special. I envision that the world will be

networked into one and every household will have access to unlimited information.

Engineers will