Endings Myth

Their once was dinosaur named stubs that was born with out a neck. Stubs was only four feet tall and without a neck he couldn’t eat any fruits or any vegetation high in the trees. In his case this was a problem because he was a vegetarian so he only got to eat the food that had fallen from the other tall dinosaurs. So stubs was pretty stressed out and angry because he’s never seen the beauty over the canopy of the forest. He’s always herd stories about how it looked and dreamt about it but still he wanted to see for himself. Stubs kept thinking of every way possible but still he didn’t know how to grow.

Now stubs was kind of a sad situation he had no family to love him since his mom abandoned him when she saw how ugly premature, and disfigured he was and he had no friends that were dinosaurs. Stubs pretty much survived on his own which was very tough, he would of died basically when he was a premature baby if it wasn’t for his one and only friend Raulf the cockroach. Now Raulf was responsible for finding stubs and taking care of him and feeding him when he was a baby. Raulf was the only thing that had feelings for poor stubs, together he taught stubs the tricks of the trade and how to survive in that crazy jungle they lived in. But the time had come for Raulf he was getting way to old for his species and past away leaving stubs alone in the open jungle. Stubs didn’t have any one to gather food any more or find a warm place to sleep at night, so he didn’t know were to turn except to Daxium.

One day stubs went to the dinosaur god and asked him for a tall neck so he could over see the forest and eat fresh vegetation. “No, of course not” screamed Daxium the god of all dinosaurs “ I made you with out a neck for a reason”. “But why me why can’t I wonder around and eat like the rest of the dinosaurs I just want to be normal” asked stubs. “I didn’t put a neck on you so you could eat off the ground and keep it clean”. Stubs kept on nagging on and on about his problem but still the god refused. Until one day after about two years of non stop begging and wining the god gave up he got so furious and just wanted stubs out of his face. “All right all ready I cant handle this any more you get one wish and only one wish so you better decide wisely and never come back up here or the only thing you’ll be worrying about is losing your head”.

Stubs was over welmed will excitement and so joyful he wasn’t able to think at the time but his happiness spoke for him. Finally the day he has waited for had come true. So his joyful voice spoke out and said “OK I want a neck that’s all I want but I want it so tall that I’ll stand out over all the dinosaurs and all the tall trees I just want a neck that wont stop growing”. “Are you sure that’s what you want, you don’t want to think a little harder about what you wish for” said daxium. “Yes that’s all I want just make it come true please”. Stubs was probably the happiest dinosaur on earth but he did not realize just what he had wished for.

Now stubs was ravishing and did not think of the outcome ahead. For he had wished for a neck that did not stop growing. But at that moment he thought he was on top of the world. He could now eat all the fresh fruit and was a lot healthier. After a while his neck grew so tall that he had problems bending it down to eat. As the years go bye his neck kept growing and he finally realized this was a problem so he went back up to Daxium and asked him to shrink his neck but daxium was so mad to see his face again