Emilio Zapata

The year is 1910 Mexican revolution is in process

My dream is to meet my role model Emilio Zapata

A Mexican war & revolution leader who lived by these words ď it is better to die standing

Than to live a life time on your kneesĒ it was a life style for him.

Between 1910 and 1919, Zapata continued his fight for land and liberty,

I would love to be there and stand strong next to my role model that has given me a different perspective to live just to stand next to a man with power to make even the biggest men tremble even though he was not the biggest of men his presence was known he was a great leader and I would have loved to learn leadership from the best I would not bring him home with me cuz this intense man would probably start up trouble and I donít feel like going to jail even though I would have love to meet him I would not want him to live in these times cuz he would go to jail or be on the run there are to many laws that he would have 2 abide by and I donít think he could hang

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