Elise MooreKathleen BinghamHE 120-03 DATE \@ "MMMM d, y" December 3, 2016Stress Management Final Project Part 1 Describe your overall stress profile. Be sure to include a description of your stressors, your use of time, previous attempts at coping, and any other information acquired during the semester from any of the activities completed as a part of the class.Over this period of time and looking over my stress profile, Ive been able to really identify what stresses me out the most. One of my major stressors is money. I am always worried whether or not have enough money to last me through the month or if I still have a good amount it after I pay all my bills. Another stressor that I have is school. I am always stressed out with all of the papers due and making sure I get no less than an A in all five classes. Work is also a big stressor for me. I always have to make sure I get as many hour as I can in so I can have a good pay check, but still keeping in mind that I have both school and softball to attend to. My relationship also is a stressor at times. Sometimes after work I do not feel like cleaning up after him and when we fight it causes stress for the both of us. As for time management, it does not stress me out very much. I use my wisely and the time helps a lot with meeting my goals, as well as my objectives. I do spend all my time at work, softball and school but its all to accomplish my goals. My travel tine is always the same and I alway make sure I leave early enough to be on time. I never find myself running late and not having enough time to complete the necessities through out the day. With a whole new work schedule, I don't even waste time on the weekends because I a working and studying. Every once in a while I have few hours to spare where I can relax and watch television or just sleep. I have always had a very busy schedule growing up. Because of that I have learned how to manage time and not have it stress me out. I believe that I manage my time very effectively.My previous attempts dealing with stress were not successful at all. I use to just ignore it and try and hide it. This did not work at all and it would end up turning into anger, me taking it out on others or me crying and just breaking down. During this class, I knew a change must be made.Part 2Pick at least two techniques learned that work for you in managing your various stressors. Describe why each technique is a good fit for your stress profile.The two techniques that I learned that work the best in managing my stressors is the breathing technique and the affirmations and learning how to communicate. When I become upset,angry, overwhelmed at work or school or just start thinking about something bad, I like to close my eyes and think about nothing other then my breath going in and out of the lungs. After doing this I tend to feel so much more relaxed and I no longer have those negative emotions. Another time I do a breathing exercise si right before I go to sleep. Sleep is another stressor of mine but with the help o that technique, I find myself sleeping through the whole night peacefully again and wake up happy and rejuvenated. The affirmations helped me tremendously as well. I used to be so negative about myself and about everything that is going on in my life. Now I try to find an affirmation to everything negative that I am thinking and try to shine some light on it and know that it will get better and stay positive. Learning to communicate helped my relationship with my boyfriend so much. I the type of person that when I am angry or upset I do not want to talk about it and hide it away until that one day I just