Elements in my poems

An example of personification is in the poem, “Darkness Overwhelms Us All”, when I state, “He will run faster than the speed of light” on page one.

Allusion is present in the poem, “The Non Shiny Star” where it says,” The star in the sky is me without my skateboard” on page five.

I use alliteration on page twelve in the poem, “Hades” when I write, “His soul cannot see the sun”.

An example of onomatopoeia is in the poem, “Summertime”, when I state, “Bee’s buzz and sting people” on page nine.

Simile is present in the poem, “Mr. Tickety Tock the Clock” where it says,” I wish I was on the wall like a stuffed animal head” on page six.

I use a metaphor on page nine in the poem, “My CD Player” when I write, “It gets me pumped like a circus balloon”.

A mythological allusion is present in the poem, “A Normal Day” on page twelve when I say, ”It is cold like a Halloween night”.