Electrical engineer technicians have a big job in the world because technicians create inventions for our
safety like bombs, alarm systems, and several other objects such as entertainment articles. Things such as
televisions, telephones, video games, and VCR's. Thus showing, electrical engineer technicians have one
of the most job demanding position in the world. They create and build new inventions for mankind. A
series of inventions and discoveries in the mid nineteenth century, including electromagnetic induction and
the incandescent lamp, created the first demand for electrical engineer technicians (The New Grolier
Multimedia Encyclopedia 1). I chose this project because I like to create new inventions for the people,
and then the people will remember me because everyone who invents things is able to chose the name for
the object. Another reason to become a technician is the high pay involved.
The education for this career is very simple. Most of the electrical engineers need a college degree
and it has become mandatory for all newcomers in this field to have one. More experienced and yet, hard
to get, is the masters degree which will prove their dedication in this field and increase there pay also helps
(The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia 2). In Texas, the electrical engineers can get their education
from Houston Baptist University, Lamer University at Beaumont, University of Houston, and Rice
University to name a few (Stair 12).
There are plenty of advantages for a technician such as to be able to be creative in a variety of
there plans and to solve problems for the best and being able to setup your own schedule. Possibly work
from your home or computer, and receive an automobile from your company. The few non-hilites as I like
to call them, are the long working hours, and continuing education throughout the career to keep up with
the changing technology, and possibly having to travel to many different cities on business (Stair 7). The
personal qualities that an electrical engineer technician must have is an analytical mind to solve problems, a
capacity to remember the details for the new and old material, an ability to express themselves well in a
speech and writing environment, and most of all, be able to work well as a part of a team as well as alone
(Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance 103). In addition to solving problems, an electrical
engineer technician must use the knowledge !
of scientific and engineering principles to solve problems (America's Top 300 Jobs 59).
Electrical engineer technicians have some requirements to become that which they are. For
example, all the sates have a registration for whose work may affect life, health, property, or who offer
their services to the public (Stair 8). Other requirements which are similar is a registration which requires a
degree from an eet program accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and
Technology(ABET), four years of relevant work experience, and a passing grade on a state examination
(Long Description for an Electrical Engineer Technician 5). There are lots of other jobs which are related
to this one. For instance, civilian occupations such as cable engineers, customer equipment engineer,
electronics design engineer, and electrical power system engineer (Anita 16). Another job which is related
is a civil engineer technician. These jobs are to build buildings, bridges, dams, wastewater treatment
systems, and to plan and build highways (America's Top 300 Jobs 211). !
Other related jobs would be drafters, surveyors, health technologists, aviation electronics manager
(America's Top 300 Jobs 61). Furthermore, the companies where jobs are available at Department of
Defense, Department of Transportation, Agriculture and Interior, Tennessee Valley Authority, and the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration. These companies prefer to hire someone who will require
less on-the-job training and supervision (Long Description for an Electrical Engineer Technician 1).
Moreover, electrical engineer technicians could find a job at a manufacturing company, government
agency, public utilities, and engineering/business consulting firms (Anita 17). The areas which are related
are computer electronics, distribution, communications, and electrical equipment manufacturing (America's
Top 300 Jobs 59). The significance of this job is to infiltrate almost all areas of human activity in
industrialized nations (Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocation Guida!
nce 36). Electrical engineer technicians work in researching/developing of equipment, preparing and
conducting experiments, calculating