In this essay I\'m going to talk about why the drinking age should be changed to 18. One your considered an adult, you can go to war, and other countrys have a lower drinking age.

When you are 18 you are considered an adult. You leagaly can make your own decisions.

You can go to another country to fight in a war. But you cant even be able to leagaly drink in your own country. Not only can you go to war but you could even end up dead. So I think when your 18 you make alot of other responsible diecisions, and so you should be able to make a little decision like drinking. I dont think you are that much more responsible when you are 21 than 18.

Other countrys have lowered drinking age and they dont seem to be having any more trobles than the united states. And if it was lowered it probaly wonldnt be such a big deal for miners. For example, in Norway, the type of alcohol purchased has relevance -- beer and wine may be consumed at age 18; spirits at age 20. The majority of states in the United States (31 of 50 states) have laws that prohibit or limit the consumption of beverage alcohol for those individuals under 21. In countries where no exceptions have been noted, 19 countries have minimum drinking ages of 18. Four have a national minimum drinking age of 21 (Egypt, Honduras, Russia and Samoa). Two have a minimum drinking age of 16 (Italy and Malta); and 1 country (Japan) has a minimum drinking age of 20. In Canada, where minimum drinking age laws are legislated by each province, three provinces set the consumption age at 18 and the others at 19.

So now that you read this eassay about going to war, being considered an adult, and other contry\'s having a loered drinking age.So thats why i think the drinking age should be changed to 18