Effects of the Disney\'s Policy Changes on the American Popular Culture

The state of popular culture the way it is leaves a lot of room for interpretation. For instance, if you have
watched the television or read a newspaper over the past few years you have probably seen it gradually
gaining prominence. It is a subject that seems to have battle lines that are clearly defined and staunchly
defended. Of course I\'m talking about the whole gay rights argument. With the coming-out of Ellen
Dejenerus on the TV series "Ellen", there is a renewed wave of people that are saying that their rights in
some way shape or form are being violated and demanding that a change takes place. Through various
liberal organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union, Hollywood Supports, and People for the
American Way the gay rights agenda has been pushed on the American public (Disney). For along time
they had no vocal opposition to stand in their way. The gay rights advocates have had just a few outspoken
critics here and there that they were easily able to !
contend with. Now all of that has changed with the corporate policy changes of a traditionally family
oriented business, the Disney Corporation. With the Disney Corporation\'s change in presidents to Michael
Esiner, they have began going after non traditional markets which have made many Americans who would
normally stay out of these kinds of things to began to cry foul. With tremendous amounts of opposition
from all sides the Southern Baptist Convention has stood firm with their decision to boycott Disney. There
are many completely valid reasons why the Southern Baptist Convention are and should continue
boycotting the Disney Corporation.

The Disney Corporation followed the trend of the rest of the entertainment industry and announced that
they would be extending health benefits not only too traditional married couples but also to same-sex
partners. Enter the opposition. Since Disney has always been a traditional family oriented business,
members of most conservative Bible believing Christian religions have chosen this to show their opinion by
evoking a boycott on Disney and all the subsidiaries that they own by following the lead of the Southern
Baptist Convention. It was this decision by the Southern Baptist Convention in response to Disney\'s
actions that has caused such a split in the populace a large. While the gay activist have not to date been
willing to have their opinions on gay rights silenced they have no problem condemning and trying to
silence the Baptists for their views and beliefs (Bishop). The Baptists are very firm in their belief in the
Holy Bible. Because of this the Baptist are afraid !
that because God so despises homosexuality that his judgement will fall on the United States just as it did
on both the cities of Sodom and Gomorra (New).

The Southern Baptist Convention is also irate about the publishing of records, movies, books, and that are
considered pornographic and anti family in nature, by a multitude of subsidiaries that are owned by the
Disney Corporation. Hollywood Records, a subsidiary of Disney, has recently started promoting more
gangster rap and metal rock songs that contain satanic phrases and ideas. This has been protested already
but has been ignored by Disney as Their right to freedom of speech. Hyperion Press, a subsidiary of the
Disney Corporation, recently released two books, "Growing up Gay" a handbook to show young children
how to be gay and "Gay Culture" which also promotes open homosexuality in children. Their movie
company Miramax has promotes heavily nudity, violence, and even movies with heavily anti children
themes. The president of Miramax Mark Gill admitted that his company thrives on such movies and will
continue to create them. It does seem that no matter how much boycottin!
g goes on that there is enough of a market that they will continue with what they are doing.

The hiring of people of questionable character is also a focal point or the Disney boycott. They have made
it a practice to heir people that do not support even the mildest of traditional family values. Disney recently
hired Lauren Lloyd to develop Lesbian movies for their subsidiaries. They have also hired Kevin Smith to
produce movies that show the Christian