E.E. Cummings is the author of many well-known poems. He has a huge collection of poems that are greatly respected. The poems he has written are very different in style than many other poems that have been written by other authors. E.E. was very involved in the transcendentalism era of writing. In one work of his he incorporated the battle of aging and youth. E.E. Cummings displays complex and original poetic structures in “old age sticks”.

E.E. Cummings lived during the early 1900’s during WWI, and the beginning of the Civil War. The events in this time period greatly influenced his writing. Slavery was a big issue during this time and most transcendentalists such as Cummings were abolitionists.

Cummings was part of the literary movement of transcendentalism. Most transcendentalists were opposed to slavery but never acted as a group to go against this because transcendentalism was based on the individual. Transcendentalism was thought of as a state of being.

E.E. made many contributions to literature. Many of these contributions were made by his style and the way he inserted or took words apart on a line. An irregular use of punctuation and capitalization complemented his style. He also had an unusual arrangement of words on a page. Cummings is probably the most recognized for this, and many poets have followed in his footsteps and used these techniques.

Cummings technique to poetry is thought of as very abnormal, but very respected. One would look at his poems at first glance and be very confused. Cummings used these techniques to help the poem flow the way he wanted it to, and to have the reader pause at certain points. Cummings had many themes he wrote about. He is known for writing poems about love and sex, but his two most read poems are “old age sticks”, which is about old age and youth, and “pity this monster manunkind”, which is about the wickedness of man.
Cummings poem “old age sticks”, when first looked at looks peculiarly arranged and short but there is a lot of theme locked away in this poem. This poem explains the conflict of old age and youth. Cummings faces the fear of aging in this poem. Another well-known piece with a universal theme is “pity this monster manunkind”. This poem is also strangely arranged and has a theme dealing with the wickedness, and meanness of mankind. This poem is probably influenced by the time Cummings spent in the army.

E.E. Cummings is a well-known poet who contributed a great deal to literature today. Cummings unusual techniques can be seen in his pieces of poetry very clearly.