Education is a necessity for someone to strive in the world that we live in today. Without an education it would be very hard for someone to get a job and without a job it is very hard to get the things you need to survive. Things like food, shelter, and transportation require money ,but without a job it is almost impossible to obtain money to buy those things. An education prepares someone to be qualified for the needs these jobs meet. The people who love education ,and need it, asks what is the price for this treasure chest of knowledge? Simple, it is all free and easy to obtain. The value of education is practically priceless and whoever distributes education must be highly paid, highly talented, and highly looked upon. So who is responsible for the teaching of education? The quirky, colorful Ms. Jones for me, teacher is what bridges the gap between education and people. Yes, teachers are the answer to the question ,but are hardly viewed as highly paid, highly talented, and highly looked upon. Talented and looked upon, of course, is debatable for teachers because they are opinionated comments ,but fact is, teachers in general are not highly paid. Teachers do not get paid close to what a doctor makes and how far apart is the worth for the two? For example, Doctors get paid to save people’s lives and when the day is over leave in a sparkling BMW. Teachers get paid to help people live and when their day is over leave in a lustrous Ford Taurus. Arguments can go on and on about how doctors have someone’s life in the palm of their hands and for that, do deserve the pay they receive ,but if it weren’t for teachers, doctors would have never received the education to handle the life and death situation. Teachers could be teaching for thirty years and still not make much money. For example, I have a friend whose mother is a teacher and she has been teaching for almost thirty years. The thirty years she has been there her yearly income only came up to forty thousand dollars. Teachers also have to watch their backs while giving the gift of education. Juvenile crime has risen and some teachers are becoming the vents for these particular students. The main objective is, education is what we need and we need someone, who is qualified, to give it to us. That’s why I believe teachers should get paid more than they currently do because they are responsible in teaching us our education.


Kindergarten is the start of the education pyramid and students are usually around the age of five. Although, the students may be at their innocence some teachers claim this is the one of the hardest grade to contain. Teachers that teach kindergarten have to face some children that have never been away from their parents and some students that act as if they have never had parents. The children in kindergarten are going through their first time of formal learning and teachers are responsible for doing just that. “What is that ,or how do I do that” are some of the things kindergarten teachers have to face on their day to day to schedule. Kindergarten students learn basic skills such as the alphabet and counting ,but kindergarten also teaches kids how to interact with other students. This is the first and maybe the most vital time in the education process because it establishes learning habits. It opens the door for education and teachers are the people waiting on the other side.
Grade school is where teachers can begin more extensive teaching. The students are more familiar with the school process and the learning is much smoother. Teachers begin teaching students how to add and subtract and that is very important because it is something that is used for the rest of their lives. Reading is being taught ,and obviously, it is important to know how to read. Teachers that teach grade school are trained to teach fairly easy skills ,but the skills that these students learn are substantial in life. A doctor could never buy a sparkling BMW if he didn’t know how to add and the person