Eco Canada

Eco Canada is planning one of their superior trips again for this up coming summer. Eco Canada’s wonderful trip will be a ten-day sensation for those lucky people that will attend. The trip will take those people through three Ecozone\'s as they go from city to city. The crew will start in St. John’s Newfoundland where the group will stay in an amazing five star hotel for three day as they explore the luxurious land that has been know to be the farthest eastern point of Canada and the most foggiest. After that Eco Canada will fly the group to the Edmonton air port in which a bus will be waiting to take them to there campsite in Elk Island National Park one of the most piece full national park in Canada. The group will stay at the campsite for two days before they depart to Vancouver where a fairy will await them. Once they reach Vancouver Eco Canada has arranged for a fairy to pick up the luck tourist and take them to Victory where they will all travel on a train to Pacific Rim National Par to enjoy the rest of the trip before heading back to St. John’s Newfoundland.

As they head to each of their destinations the ecozone’s, climate, and landforms will change. The first ecozone they will be in is called the “Boreal Shield” which is the largest ecozone in Canada and its climate is cold and moist with plains and interior hills. The second ecozone is an average size ecozone that is almost centered right in the middle of and it is called “Boreal Plains”. The climate in the boreal plains in cold and semi-arid and is made up of plains with small foothills. The last ecozone that they will travel through is located at the Far Western part of Canada and is one of the smallest. The name of it is “Pacific Maritimes” and its climate is very wet and mild with temperate Maritimes with mountainous highlands and coastal plains through the whole ecozone.

When they are in each place they will be taking part in a number of activities. When they are in St. John’s they will be checking into the hotel that is called “ Delta St. John’s Hotel and Conference center”. The hotel is a five star hotel with a beautiful lounge room and heated pool. Once they are all settled in Eco Canada wants them all to meet in the conference room where their trip will be dictated to them and then they will go to bed right after for they most awaken early in the morning. The second day in St. John’s the group will attend Bowring Park in which they will have the chance to swim play tennis seen foreign trees that where planted there to show that people for where the tree originates was there. Also they will be able to read about famous explores that where there and had a statue of them made in bronze and left for people to see. After they do their activities they will return to their hotel for the night. The next day is there final day in St. John’s and they will be attending Pippy Park. Pippy park is a small park on the outside of St. John’s and it is park with advents that take place year round. Eco Canada planed for the group to hike through the woodlands and up steep hills. Also the group has chances to swim, golf, and have an enjoyable picnic while looking over at the city of St. John’s. After they finish that they are to return to the hotel and pack because they leave to marrow morning.

Once they arrive in Edmonton on the Morning of June 28th they will be going right from their plain to a bus which goes west thirty-three kilometers to Elk Island National Park Where they will be staying for the next couple days. When they arrive at Elk Island they will have to pitch a tent that is supplied by Eco Canada and they then have the choice to ether sleep of sit around a came fire till they get tired. In the morning the group will get up bright and early and