1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Objectives

Eccentricity\'s objectives are as follows: to serve a community that may not usually be exposed to finer fashions; to consult customers to help them select the most flattering outfits; to initiate the idea of individuality among today\'s youth and young adults; and, to uphold our social responsibility within our community.

Eccentricity also has the objective of becoming the area\'s most popular retail clothing company, competing with larger name department stores. We are targeting 10-20 retail locations as our ultimate goal over 10 years. Five "Master Franchises" have been targeted, each with four to six retail stores in a "Master Group." Roll-out by year is as follows:

o 2005--2 Master Franchises and 5 retail stores
o 2007--1 Master Franchise and 4 retail stores
o 2010--2 Master Franchises and 6 retail stores
The combination of profitable stores and successful franchise sales can aid to the essentials to the success of the business. Essentially, we would like to achieve 6% profit on sales annually, increasing at least 2% each year.

1.2 Mission

Our goal is simply stated. We want to be a creative, soul-filled enterprise that provides an array of unique apparel for men and women. We offer stylish, up to the moment fashions and accessories that customarily only be found in high-priced hard to find boutiques. Eccentricity gives hardworking people the chance to shop like the stars do, minus sky high prices.

We are in the business of taking customers and turning them into clients. We want to help customers and clients develop that rare eye for fashion. We are not only in the business of providing extraordinary and exotic fashions to the general public, we are dedicated to pleasing our customers.

Our diversity in store ownership reflects in the individuality that we would like our customers to see. We are four different entities; our personality matches our styles. Our diversity in our staff emit that we are not specific to stereotype; our designs and products.

2.0 Company Summary

Eccentricity sells rare and unusual apparel and accessories targeted to those who don\'t want to settle for more common, mainstream fashions. We are located at 1120 Corlies Ave, Neptune NJ 07753 and anticipate being open for business in April 2004. Since we are located in the heart of the shopping district in Neptune, we are not hard to find. The local high school and college are within a 4 mile radius.

Our owners travel the world, selecting the highlights from every season. Our staff is knowledgeable as they are courteous, truly ready to consult and help you choose the best selection for you, yet, we are just as ready to allow customers to browse in peace.

We offer clothing design consultants on site for customers who would like to add a personal touch to one of their purchases. Design Consultants are able to take requests as well as make suggestions to make your fashion truly yours. Each of these perks add to a supreme shopping experience.

2.1 Company Ownership

Eccentricity, Inc. was founded in 2003 by four individuals that were dissatisfied with settling for "average". Those innovators include Ms. Aja Sardinha, Mr. Jason Jones, Mr. Harold Gold, and Ms. Marla Floresca. Eccentricity is a privately owned”S" corporation that has great potential to break into department store markets. Other stockholders include Doug Smith, Chris Brown, and Jeff Clark.

For the purpose of this plan the launch and grand opening of Eccentricity, Inc. is treated as a start-up as of April 2004 with all previous assets and operations "rolled in" to this plan.

At this time Eccentricity, Inc. seeks to extend its ownership via a Private Placement to a select few additional investors in the near future.

2.2 Start-Up Summary

Fashion is booming. Trends are "no more". Styles are changing at the drop of a dime. The ownership team has been working diligently after hours on weekdays and weekends in Mr. Jones\' basement office.

3.0 Products

Eccentricity is in the business of bringing consumers individuality and originality. We carry both a men\'s and women\'s line where various items can be found. For women, we offer custom altered dresses and sportswear, shirts and skirts, jeans and accessories of the like. Women\'s dresses and sportswear can range from $68 - $108. This is for women who are in a rush to